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Why should you care about buying nickel-free earrings? After all, you don’t suffer from the red, itchy ears or
blisters that can happen from an allergic reaction to nickel. Hold on a moment.
Don’t you occasionally, buy earrings for your friends or family?

You may not know it, but almost 17% of
women have an allergy to nickel. That’s around 28.3 million women and girls.
You might know one or two of them. Buying earrings without nickel is a
necessity for these women.

Nickel is a silvery metal used to make
earrings and almost all jewelry. White gold and stainless steel are loaded with
it. Even if you don’t react to it, here are four good reasons to buy
nickel-free earrings.

All Day, All Night Comfort

Ever wear a pair of earrings that are so
comfortable that you forgot you were wearing them? There are two comfy choices
when it comes to nickel-free earrings. They are medical-grade titanium and
medical-grade plastic.

Medical-grade titanium is very strong. Manufacturers
build tanks with it, so it only takes a little to make a durable and
fashionable earring. It makes them lightweight and comfortable.

For even more lightweight earrings, go for
medical-grade plastic. It’s exceptionally durable but light as a feather. The
stones or pearls on the front easily hide the setting, so no one but you know
they aren’t metal.

The Style for Any Occasion

Medical jewelry does not have to be boring
or dull. Blomdahl USA uses top jewelry designers to craft nickel-free earrings
that you can wear to the fanciest events or all day in the office.

You can choose settings from natural,
silver or gold titanium earrings enhanced with sparkling Swarovski crystals. Our
medical-grade plastic earrings also come with Swarovski Crystals in all colors
of the birthstones to accessorize any outfit.

Value That Lasts

It doesn’t matter if you have an allergy to
nickel or not; buying cheap earrings will cost you more than buying quality
earrings. First of all, the settings tend to be weak, allowing the stones to
fall out or the backs to fall off the earrings. When that happens, you must buy
another pair. If you purchase top-of-the-line expensive earrings, you’re only
going to wear them on special occasions a few times a year. What about the rest
of the days you wear earrings to dress up and look good?

Nickel-free earrings from Blomdahl USA
offer value because they are of high quality and will last for many years. More
importantly, they look beautiful for any occasion, from a day at the office to
a night out with a hot date.

And…if you do happen to misplace them; it
won’t break the bank.

Makes a Fashionable Gift for You or Anyone

It seems we have more women and girls breaking
out with allergies to jewelry than ever before. It makes it harder to give a
personal gift if you’re unsure whether they react to nickel. That’s why buying
nickel-free earrings for you, your daughter or a friend takes the stress out of
it. You never have to worry about a nickel allergy.

When you purchase
from us, you have a large selection from which to choose. There are colors and
styles to fit any age, match any
wardrobe or taste. Nickel-free earrings make gift giving a snap.

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