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What is Anti-Eyebrow Piercing?

An anti-eyebrow is a facial piercing that is above the cheekbone or at the same distance below the eyes. This piercing is also known as upper cheek piercing, butterfly kiss piercing, crow’s feet or teardrop piercing. It adopts the process of micro needling of the skin and hence also termed as micro dermal piercing. With under eye piercing, people achieve authenticity and aesthetic look making them look different. Anti eyebrow piercing is an innovative and unique style.

Anti Eyebrow Barbell PiercingAnti Eyebrow Barbell Piercing

Procedure Followed

  • For anti-eyebrow piercing select a licensed parlor. It should be APP certified.
  • Clean the area which requires the perforation.
  • Use medical iodine to sterilize the area.
  • Mark the exact spot for piercing.
  • Clamp the area of the skin and insert a hollow needle to perforate the skin.
  • A new method of dermal punch and taper method are also popular nowadays.
  • Insert the jewelry in the piercing.
  • Clean blood if it seeps out.

Anti Eyebrow Dermal PiercingAnti Eyebrow Dermal Piercing

Pain Experienced

It is a considerable disadvantage as pain experience in these kinds of piercings is quite high. The intense level of pain can increase if the body is less capable of pain tolerance. During the procedure, the pierced area may bleed which is quite common. The place may also swell and can have bruising. The discomfort feeling is general initially.

The Healing Process

It can take nearly 6 to 8 weeks for the piercing to heal completely. It is necessary to follow the aftercare tips religiously to speed up the healing process. The minimum period is about six weeks which can extend up to twelve weeks depending on the personal care adopted. Infection can cause delays in healing too.

Anti Eyebrow Piercing PicturesAnti Eyebrow Piercing PicturesAnti Eyebrow PiercingAnti Eyebrow Piercing

Aftercare: Do’s & Don’ts


  • Ensure that your hands are clean before touching the piercing.
  • Take supplements like Zinc, Vitamin B and C to promote the quicker healing process.
  • Clean the area regularly with saline water using a cotton bulb. This minimizes the chances of infection. Another cleanser like H2O Ocean is also fit to use.


  • Do not clean the pierced area vigorously.
  • Do not let the soap accumulate near the piercing while taking a shower.
  • Avoid going for swimming or bathing in the bathtub as these harbor infection-causing bacteria in high numbers.
  • Do not remove your jewelry soon after the piercing as it may block up the piercing.

Anti Eyebrow PiercingsAnti Eyebrow PiercingsAnti Eyebrow Surface PiercingAnti Eyebrow Surface Piercing

Risk Associated with an Anti eyebrow piercing

A possible risk with these kinds of piercing is that they can be rejected by the body altogether. The human system is programmed to repel any foreign particle that enters or remains inside the body. It can cause dislocation or migration of the jewelry. Other possible risks include scarring.

Infection: Symptoms & Cure


  • Excessive swelling, itching, and irritation in the piercing area.
  • Redness may also accompany pain.
  • The infection can also cause redness in eyes as it is very near to the eye area.
  • The formation of pus is a sign of infection.


  • Healing an infection that can take 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Clean the area regularly with saline water.
  • Take medicines as prescribed by the physician.
  • Use clean towels and handkerchiefs to wipe the infected area.

Microdermal Anti Eyebrow PiercingMicrodermal Anti Eyebrow PiercingHorizontal Anti Eyebrow PiercingHorizontal Anti Eyebrow Piercing

Jewelry for an Anti eyebrow piercing

Teardrop piercing looks good with curved barbells, studs, hoops, curved eyebrow retainers, and even CBRs.


The ideal size of curved barbells ranges from 14 to 20 gauges depending on the piercing.


The material of jewelry should be non-corrosive, non-reacting and skin friendly to avoid any chances of infection. It is wise to select jewelry made of Gold, surgical steel, niobium, titanium or acrylic.

Teardrop PiercingTeardrop Piercing

Cost: Anti eyebrow piercing

Prices are between $40 to $60 in any standard piercing parlor. The rates can vary with the jewelry selection and salon.

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