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Who’s the Best, Fashion Jewelry, Semi-Fine Jewelry and Fine Jewelry

Understanding the difference between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry can be quite simple: it all comes down to the materials that the jewelry is made with. Figuring out the quality of the metals and the gemstones is all it takes to determine whether a piece of jewelry is considered fashion jewelry or fine jewelry.

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Pink Gold vs. Red Gold vs. Rose Gold : What is rose gold really made of ?

Rose gold is a beautiful, romantic take on the traditional yellow gold that seems to be the most common choice when it comes to fine jewelry. But what is rose gold actually made of? Lets take a look at what gives this gold its unique appearance and why it is so popular.

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The jewelry world is full of confusing terminology that can make a simple buying decision feel overwhelming. But don’t worry! Here to break down two commonly confused designations and the pros and cons of each. Churinga will tell you the main differences between gold plated jewelry and gold filled jewelry.

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