Ear Spiral Piercing [25+ Ideas]: Pain Level, Healing Time, Cost, Experience

Spiral Ear Piercing – Ultimate Experience Guide

Not convinced that cartilage piercings can look unique? Check out the spiral ear piercing to change your mind!

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Below you’ll find all you need to know about spiral ear piercings, including procedure details, piercing cost, healing time and pain level. Aftercare product recommendations and an extensive photo gallery ensure you’ll be ready to give this piercing a personal touch.

What is a Spiral Ear Piercing?

Spiral ear piercings puncture at least two holes on the outer ear cartilage. The “spiral” comes from the spiral barbell that is then inserted into the holes, coiling around the outer ear.

These piercings come with many jewelry options. The spiral jewelry can always be switched out later for individual hoops, labrets or circular barbells.

Should You get a Spiral Ear Piercing?

As with any piercing, spiral ear piercings come with their risks and rewards. Check out the pros & cons below to see if this piercing is right for you:


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  • The overall piercing process is quick and you get multiple piercings as a result.
  • This piercing is unique and offers plenty of different jewelry options depending on your mood.


  • Infection is a concern with any piercing. However, this risk is reduced by maintaining proper aftercare methods.
  • Botched piercing procedures are always a possibility. Make sure you find an experienced piercer you can trust to reduce these chances.

Piercing Procedure

The first step to any piercing is finding a reputable piercer. When you arrive at the shop, your piercer will go over the procedure with you and have you fill out some paperwork. Once your piercer is set up, they’ll take you back and sanitize your ear cartilage. Your cartilage will then be marked with a surgical pen to show where your piercings will be located. Make sure you like these spots before moving forward!

Your piercer will use a clamp to secure your ear in place and puncture the cartilage of each spot with a hollow needle. The needles will be swapped out for jewelry as a final step. Before leaving, your piercer will go over how to clean your piercing. Be sure to ask any lingering questions before you leave the shop.

Check out the videos below for a real-time perspective of spiral ear piercings:

How Much do Spiral Ear Piercings Hurt?

6 out of 10

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Spiral ear piercings rank at a 6/10 on the pain scale. Multiple cartilage piercings at once make this piercing higher on the pain scale than some single cartilage piercings. It’s important to remember that your individual pain tolerance will influence how bad the pain is, but it’s always best to be prepared.

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You will most likely experience swelling and soreness for a few days after your piercing. Using ice packs or taking anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen can help make this part of the process more pleasant.

Read more about the most & least painful piercings.

Aftercare & Healing

Healing time for spiral ear piercings can take up to 12 months. However, this timeframe can be shortened with proper aftercare technique.

Proper aftercare is the most important thing you can do for your piercing during healing. Follow the tips below to keep your piercing happy and healthy:

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your piercing.
  • Sleep on your back or opposite side to avoid putting pressure on your new piercing.
  • Do not remove your initial jewelry until healing is finished. Early jewelry removal can cause full piercing closure.
  • Keep high contact objects like your phone and pillowcases clean to avoid infection & piercing bumps.
  • Clean your piercing twice per day as outlined below.

Read more about proper aftercare technique.

How to Clean Your Piercing

Saline solution is your best bet for cleaning your new piercing. Grab some from your piercing shop or make your own at home by dissolving 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in 8 oz of warm water. Pour some solution on a clean pad or towel and hold it on your piercing for a few minutes. This soothes your piercing and helps loosen up any debris that might be stuck. Gently clean off the ends of your jewelry and discard the pad. Repeat this procedure once in the morning and once at night to ensure a regularly clean piercing.

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Recommended Aftercare Products

Sea salt

This piercing sea salt is ideal for making your own saline solution at home.

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Piercing aftercare spray

Saline spray is a great on-the-go cleaning option. Throw it in your bag and clean your piercing anywhere!

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Best Jewelry

Spiral ear piercings are ideal for anyone who wants a variety of jewelry options. Always insist on high quality jewelry like surgical stainless steel or titanium to reduce the chance of allergic reactions.

Style wise, the most obvious jewelry type is the spiral barbell. Spiral hoops can also be worn to emulate a similar effect. If you grow tired of the spiral jewelry, you can always replace it with hoops, circular barbells or labret studs for a different look.

How Much do Spiral Ear Piercings Cost?

  • In the US, spiral ear piercings range from $45 – $60.
  • In the UK, spiral ear piercings range from £35 – £50.
  • In Europe, spiral ear piercings range from €35 – €50.

The price indicates the experience of your piercer and usually includes basic jewelry. Any jewelry upgrades will most likely cost more.

Spiral Ear Piercing Image Gallery

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