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Okay Harry Potter fans, say you and your partner have already started talking about your wedding and know you want to include some Gryffindor House details, an owl ring bearer and “unbreakable vows.” All that’s left to seal the deal is an engagement ring—and we’ve got you covered.

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Sapphire Studios in Melbourne, Australia, has designed the perfect engagement ring for wizards and muggles alike: the Golden Snitch. The center stone and its flanking sparkling wings resemble a Snitch—the sought-after piece in a Quidditch match (which also played a crucial part in Harry defeating Voldemort, but we digress—also spoiler alert). The diamond is 1.4 carats and you can choose from a sterling silver or yellow, rose or white gold band, with the setting and wings in a white metal.

READ MOREDiamonds & Gems: Resetting an Heirloom Stone@media(max-width:768px){#ad-embedded-slot-1-container{min-height:270px}} The ‘Golden Snitch’ 1.40ct Diamond’s set in 14k Rose Gold Two Tone Harry Potter Winged Ring The ‘Golden Snitch’ Collection -> http://bit.ly/fdg654b #sapphirestudios #sapphirestudiosdesign #harrypotter #thesnitch #twotone A photo posted by Sapphire Studios Design (@sapphirestudiosdesign) on Oct 26, 2016 at 9:41pm PDT

The price starts at $500 and is perfect for the Ginny Weasley to your Harry Potter, or the Ron Weasley to your Hermione Granger, or the Luna Lovegood to your Neville Longbottom—we can go on and on. Not into the broom-flying sport, and more inclined to share the story of the Deathly Hallows? Sapphire Studios is also offering a .7 carat diamond ring with the iconic symbol, starting at $377.

Whether you order online or apparate to Australia, we’re sure you (or your fiancé) won’t be disappointed with this sparkler.


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