Male nipple piercing (single) starts at $57.00 + tax for a captive bead ring and $80.00 + tax for a barbell (which are appropriate for male or female nipples). Male nipple piercings (both) starts at $102.00 + tax for captive bead rings and $150.00 + tax for barbells. Female nipple piercing (single) starts at $80.00 + tax for a barbell. Female nipple piercings (both) starts at $150.00 + tax for barbells.

The cost of nipple piercings varies from store to store and varies greatly depending on the type of jewelry you choose and your current place of residence. According to Sheena Rose of Salt & Light Tattoo in Chandler, Arizona, this type of piercing can cost about $ 40 for one nipple and $ 70 for both.

nipple piercing rings
nipple piercing rings

Meanwhile, Johnny Earrings says at his store in Soho, New York, Nine Moons Earrings, some “implant-grade titanium” nipple earrings cost about $ 180. They explain that they also offer custom gold jewelry options that can easily cost several thousand or more. When it comes to fine jewelry and genuine diamonds, the sky’s the limit.

Professional body buyers need to keep their equipment sterile and safe. Your job is to have the right tools to carry out the muscle tissue of the body and an autoclave machine to sterilize it. It may look like a simple pin stab, but body piercing still takes time and knowledge.

Remember that you also pay for years of training to give you the piercings you want. Like other service professionals and tattoo artists, your rates will vary depending on the location of your piercing.

In addition to the service charge, we will cover the cost of body jewelry. Excellent video How to use a mousse-like pro Initially, use 14-12 rods or circular rods. Later, after the earrings have healed, many piercings will be happy to help you change your jewelry.

How Much Do Nipple Piercing Cost?

On average, typical piercing procedures cost $ 30 to $ 50, and body jewelry costs $ 10 to $ 50, depending on the metal and design you get, so $ 40 to $ 100, based on both the studio and the body jewelry.

4 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Nipple Piercing

Is this a disposable study?

This simply means that studios and shops do not reuse piercing tools, needles and jewelry. This is the cleanest and safest route. If your preferred studio isn’t disposable, you’ll want to ask about how they sterilize their tools and if they conduct spore testing, which is the most accepted means of monitoring sterilization because they assess the sterilization process directly by killing known highly resistant microorganisms, according to the CDC.

Do they have a good portfolio?

It will be the best choice for studio piercing, so if you think it’s not great, or it’s just not great, look elsewhere.

nipple rings
nipple rings

Do they have good reviews?

Not only checking the number of good reviews but also how the study reacts to negative reviews. We can’t make everyone happy, but it’s very clear to see how owners and managers react.

Are you happy with the staff and space?

You need to feel good hands and safe during your appointment. If you feel 100% ready or uncomfortable at any time during your appointment, it’s perfectly fine to reschedule or withdraw. Sometimes it is advisable to meet with staff and consult only to see the space before booking the actual piercing appointment.

Nostril3-4 months$35$20-$25+$55-$60+
Septum6-8 weeks$35$20+$55+
Bridge3-4 months$35$40+$75+
Eyebrow3-4 months$35$30+$65+
Sm Lobes(18g-12g)6-8 weeksx1=$30 x2=$40x1=$15+
Lg lobes (10g+)6-8 weeksx1=$35 x2=$55$25+x1=$60+
Helix6+ months$35$20+$55+
Tragus6+ months$35$20+$55+
Conch6+ months$35$20+$55+
Daith6+ months$35$20+$55+
Rook6+ months$35$30+$65+
Industrial6+ months$55$40+$95+
Orbital6+ months$55$20+$75+
Lip/labret3-4 months$35$20-$25+$55-$60+
Philtrum3-4 months$35$25+$60+
Tongue2-3 months$35$40+$75+
Frenulum6-8 weeks$35$20+$55+
Surface piercing6+ months$40$60+$100+
Surface anchor2-3 months$35$50+$85+
Nipple(s)4-6 monthsx1=$35 x2=$60x1=$40+
Navel4-6 months$35$40+$75+
Inner labia6-8 weeks$40$25+$65+

What Size Nipple Piercing Jewelry Should Be Used After Nipple Piercing ?

When getting a nipple piercing your Professional Piercer will begin with a 14 gauge or 12 gauge barbell. Never use a 16 gauge barbell in the nipples, this is too short and will cause tugging and cutting around the piercing. There is a lot of movement and friction around the nipples and this area of the body, a 16 gauge barbell is extremely thin and can easily be pulled through the piercing.

Barbells are the easiest and best way to heal a nipple piercing because it matches the direction of the piercing. When being pierced horizontally through the nipple a straight barbell won’t put any pressure on the piercing as a ring would. Curved barbells and rings are not ideal choices because the piercing itself is going to fight against the circular shape of the jewelry. A ring or a curved barbell will pull down the nipple and it can make healing this piercing more difficult. When getting a nipple piercing it is important to keep swelling in mind, your piercer will start you off with a longer bar to compensate for this.

The piercer will look at the size of your nipple to determine how long the barbell needs to be, but as a general rule of thumb there should be about 1/8″ of an inch on each side of the barbell. If the barbell is too tight it can “plug” the entering and exiting holes of the piercing, preventing draining and swelling. The extra length of the barbell allows for discharge and swelling. If the piercing becomes painful and the balls at the end of the barbell look like they are “dimpling” this is a strong indication that you need a longer barbell immediately.

After having the barbell changed out give it some time to swell and heal before going back to your original jewelry. This is a piercing that swells quite frequently, it can swell the first month of having it pierced or the fifth. It is prone to swelling, and it’s important that the jewelry reflects this, making it a good idea to have different-sized jewelry if need be. Your piercer will be able to help you with the correct size of jewelry and they can assess any changes in the piercing.

What Nipple Ring Should I Buy When My Nipple Piercing Is Healed?

Shopping for new gold nipple rings to adorn your sexy nipple piercing.

Nipple piercing jewelry stylesNipple piercing description
Straight BarbellsStraight Barbells
Even though straight barbells are the most standard type of nipple jewelry, they can range from basic to elaborate, allowing you to make this classic piece your own. It’s a bar with a ball on each end. Barbells are either internally threaded or externally threaded. Internally threaded jewelry is usually an indication of higher quality, which is why, at FreshTrends, all of our threaded jewelry is threaded internally, attesting to the quality of our jewelry pieces.
At FreshTrends, we have an extensive collection of internally threaded 14k gold straight barbells with opals, pearls, diamonds, and other colorful gemstones.
Circular / Horseshoe BarbellCircular Horseshoe BarbellAlso a very commonly used piece for nipple piercings, these offer a more masculine look but are also available with gemstones or diamonds for a more feminine and dazzling look. Circular barbells are a comfortable, basic style that many people opt for.
CBRs (Captives or Captive Bead Rings)
Captives or Captive Bead Rings
Like circular barbells, captives are staples that most people with a nipple piercing have in their jewelry collection. Perfect for those moments when you’re looking for simple comfort, CBRs consists of a hoop with a ball that you pop in and out.
Segment Rings & Seamless RingsSegment Rings Seamless RingsSeamless Rings: The name says it all; these are seamless hoops. Unlike CBRs, seamless rings are a continuous circle. To insert, separate the two ends (up and down, never apart or you will permanently bend it out of shape) and glide it through your nipple piercing.
Segment Rings: These look like seamless hoops, but similar to the ball on a captive bead ring, the segment is a piece that you pop in and out of the hoop.
Nipple ClickersNipple ClickersHinged clickers are quickly becoming a favorite type of nipple jewelry. The hinged mechanism makes it easy to open and close for easy insertion, and you’ll never have to worry about losing attachments.
Curved Barbells
Curved Barbells
Some people opt for curved barbells rather than straight barbells. This type of barbell is just like the straight barbell, but it has a slight curvature to the bar.
Twister Spiral Barbell
Twister Spiral Barbell
As the name implies, a twister barbell is a twisted spiral that you thread through your piercing and secure with a screw-on ball. They come in a variety of diameters and gauges; however, the shorter pieces are ideal to wear in a nipple piercing. It’s as comfortable and looks amazing.
DangleDangleDangle nipple rings feature exactly what you would expect: a dangle element. You can opt for simpler styles or more elaborate looks. Take care when wearing dangle nipple rings as they can snag on clothes. Save them for special occasions to preserve their quality and your piercing.
Non-DangleNon-DangleEncompassing a wide range of styles, non-dangle nipple rings include CBRs, circular barbells, and straight barbells with simple adornments. These are the best for everyday wear but remember the more elaborate the piece, the more care it requires to prevent damage.
Nipple ShieldsNipple ShieldsEverybody with nipple piercings should have an exotic nipple shield. Once again, you should save these for special occasions as they are quite large and intricate and may cause some discomfort after prolonged wear.

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