How to choose ODM and OEM ? Churinga will tell you

Our factory more than 300 highly skilled craftsmen, the latest Jewelry manufacturing technology to produce the best possible quality jewelry.

Chapter 1 : What is OEM ?

OEM–Original equipment manufacturer

OEM transaction relationship can be regarded as a kind of sales and purchase relationship. From the buyer’s point of view, it is outsourced production and provided to Market behavior
From the perspective of the supplier, it is a transaction form in which the counterparty’s brand products are produced according to the buyer’s requirements and the counterparty is responsible for sales;
The sales channels and brand advantages of the buyer and the manufacturing advantages of the supplier constitute the overall competitive advantage of the product, bringing practical benefits to both parties.
Original equipment manufacturer is commonly referred to as “OEM”. In our country, due to factors such as differences in understanding and regional cultural differences, OEM is also called “commissioned production”, “commissioned processing”, “brand-name manufacturing”, and production outsourcing. Wait.


Chapter 2 : What is ODM ?

ODM–Original design manufacturer

ODM means that after a certain manufacturer designs a certain product, in some cases, it may be taken by other companies, requiring the latter’s brand name to be used for production or to slightly modify the design to production. This allows other manufacturers to reduce their own development time. Manufacturers that undertake design and manufacturing business are called ODM manufacturers, and the products they produce are ODM products. The product plan designed by the manufacturer can be provided to the brand owner in a buyout or non-buyout manner.

Chapter 3 : Why us ?

We have many advantages that are popular with our customers : Our factory is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City, China. More than 300 highly skilled craftsmen and the latest Jewelry manufacturing technology to produce the best possible quality jewelry. 

  • Most competitive prices
  • Finest quality jewelry oem & odm
  • Quick and timely production and delivery
  • From planning to final production under one roof
  • Use of latest technology and highly skilled craftsmen
  • Highest and strict standards of quality control and check


●Manual hand drawn rough sketches
●PDF files, JPEG Files, PNGs etc
●Online reference photos
●CAD files
●through verbal or email communications of your imagined concepts and designs
●Preferred Gemstones or Birthstones.
●Preferred metal
●Surface finish satin or matte, high glossy or reflective, hammered, brush finish etc
●Plating colour and micron thickness

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