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What is Neck Piercing?

Neck piercings are the perforations that take place on the neck part to wear embedding jewelry. The piercings on the back section of neck are Nape piercings. They are done on front, back and at the sides of neck. There can be a single perforation or a series of double, triple, or quadruple punches on the neck. Being a modification of surface body piercings, there are various types of neck or nape piercings. There can be a piercing in the middle part of the neck, in the area between collar bones, diagonal piercings, Vampire bite piercings, and a corset with multiple rows of piercings

Neck PiercingNeck Dermal Piercing

Types of Neck piercings

  • Vertical Neck piercing
  • Horizontal nape piercing
  • Collarbone piercing
  • Corset Neck piercing
  • Vampire bite piercing


  • Select an authenticated parlor specializing in neck piercings and is APP certified.
  • The expert cleans the area where the future perforations have to take place.
  • He should sterilize the area and the piercing equipment before use.
  • Later, he marks the points where the piercing is to take place.
  • It is followed by inserting a hollow needle and pushed inside the skin.
  • Embellish the perforation with suitable jewelry of your choice.
  • Lastly, the expert should clean the area with a cotton swab as there can be some blood on the site of piercing.

Double Neck PiercingsDouble Neck Piercings

Pain Experienced

People who get nape piercings report them to be less painful. Since the perforation of skin is involved in the process, the pain intensity depends on the sensitivity of a person. Blood leakage and swelling are customary in the process. The pain goes down gradually and it will stop hurting after 3-4 days. The intensity of pain increases with more number of piercings.

Aftercare: Do’s & Don’ts


  • Make sure the piercings don’t snag on clothes, hair, etc.
  • Clean the piercings using a cotton ball soaked in a warm saline solution or H2O ocean cleanser spray.
  • Eat nutritious foodstuff rich in Vitamin B, C, and it will make the healing quicker.
  • Keep the area covered by a bandage to avoid contamination.
  • Tie your hairs in a bun to avoid tangling in piercings.

Nake Barbell PiercingNake Barbell PiercingNeck Piercings DermalNeck Piercings Dermal


  • Consume alcohol and other hard drinks.
  • Avoid wearing any necklaces or neck jewelry.
  • Do not touch the piercings with dirty hands.
  • Play, fiddle with or remove the jewelry.
  • Avoid stretching or straining the piercing area as it can cause tearing of skin and other injuries.

Healing Time

The piercing wound will take about 10 to 12 months to completely recover provided it does not get infections. The swelling disappears gradually in a few days. However, if bumps appear on the piercing site, then it can cause an ache. Try to cover up the piercing wound with a bandage to prevent the entry of germs. Piercings with infections take longer to heal.

Neck PiercingsNeck Piercings

Infection: Symptoms and Cure


  • Redness, pain, and inflammation near the piercing area.
  • Itching sensation and excessive irritation.
  • Pus discharge from the perforation.
  • Occurring overall sensitivity in the neck area.


  • Clean the area off the pus and blood on the piercing site.
  • Do not remove the jewelry.
  • Visit a doctor for his advice.
  • Follow the prescription for a stipulated

Neck Piercing: Risks

  • Allergy

Many people are prone to skin allergies. The neck is a part with a curvature so due to the twist in its shape there are chances of sweating more in this area which can further lead to infections.

Triple Surface Neck PiercingTriple Surface Neck Piercing

  • Rejection & Migration

Neck or Nape piercings are surface piercings which if not profound, have a risk of rejection by the body and migration of jewelry embedded in the skin after that.

  • Infection

Lack of caution, aftercare, and inappropriate jewelry results in infection around the recently pierced skin area.

Jewelry: Neck piercings

Teflon jewelry is usually a choice of people as it does not react with skin. Steel neck piercing bars can have less scope of movement and swelling can occur. Gold rings and barbells can also cause infections if it is not a pure 24-carat metal.

Cost of Neck piercings

Vertical Neck PiercingVertical Neck Piercing

Neck piercing average cost is about $ 55. The prices can be low or high depending on the choice of the parlor. It will be wise not to compromise with the piercing quality to cut the cost as it can cause later complications.

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