A jewelry Cuff is a piece of jewelry that goes around the wrist or arm with no clasp or closure. It typically has a 1″ opening to wiggle the piece onto one’s wrist. You measure your wrist for it and the nice thing is they are adjustable. When someone refers to a cuff or bracelet cuff, they are referring to a style of bracelet that sort of wraps your wrist. It has an opening that pushes onto the side of the wrist, and then the bracelet is twisted into place. The cuff can be slightly sprung open to ease getting it on or off, depending on the material from which it is crafted. These bracelets are made to fit fairly close to the skin and are often a wider material than link bracelets.

While cuff bracelets help you look stylish, they offer ample room for adjustment. This doesn’t mean that one bracelet can fit people of all shapes and sizes. Your skin shouldn’t get clutched between its ends. Also, it shouldn’t roll all over the arm- just a little below your wrist bone, that’s it.

Men Stainless Steel Wire Bracelet Cuff

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