Wedding Bands


A wedding band is a ring that is given during the wedding ceremony to symbolize matrimony. It is different than an engagement ring in a couple of different ways. The main distinction between the two is that a wedding band is worn by both people, whereas an engagement ring is usually only worn by the person to who was proposed to. Other differences include style features and wearability. While an engagement ring tends to be more flashy – with diamonds, simulated lab-grown diamonds, or other gemstones – a wedding band is usually simpler in design. That is especially true for men’s wedding rings as they are most commonly designed with a plain shank and featured in one metal type with little to no design features.

The secrets meaning hidden inside the Wedding Bands

  • Life a good life meet slowly. I hope you’re here for me.
  • Gentleness is the treasure of the world. You are as warm as the sunset glow, you are as romantic as the star.
  • The twentieth meeting you used to spend all my luck. The fifth letter may be time to just your eyes smiling.
  • The first one out of the big wind came home with me.
Jewelry number Jewelry description
CHURINGASJZ-0188 Wedding Bands Minimalist but elegant gentleman design. The significance is the desire should be like a wild horse, but I just want you.
CHURINGASJZ-0165 Engagement Bands White gold corresponding, gray powder match. The significance is the Love has nothing to do with gender, borders, etc. I don’t mind if you come late, but uit must be you.
CHURINGASJZ-0179 Men Band Rings Simple color,all show luxurious temperament. The significance is the galaxy is hot, you are the ideal of the world.

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