Butterfly Necklace

What is Butterfly Necklace?

ButterflyNecklace is a beautiful jewelry trend. It’s not only a beautiful accessory but also a symbol of change for your life, a circle of life that surrounds your neck. Leads to new birth.

Somethings About Butterfly

  • Blue Butterfly – Known to grant wishes.
  • Brown Butterfly – Denotes a fresh start and that good news is arriving soon.
  • Red Butterfly – This means that spirit is around you.
  • Yellow Butterfly – Signifies a need to wake up and maintain clarity for change ahead.
  • Green Butterfly – Lucky you.
  • White Butterfly – a deceased love one is watching over and guiding you.
Jewelry number Jewelry description

Gold Butterfly Necklace

🦋 UNIQUE PERSONALITY 🦋 Stay encourages with this butterfly necklace that symbolizes graceful transformation towards a brand new chapter in life with embracing of new opportunities. This butterfly necklace is the perfect gift for her who makes you flutter when you see her.

Butterfly Choker Necklace

🦋 GREAT GIFT IDEA 🦋Butterfly Necklaces for Women Come in an exquisite gift box. It could be as a gift for yourself or for anyone you loved, gifts on Birthday, Anniversary, Daily Surprise, Christmas, School Graduation, and Thanksgiving.

Butterfly Diamond Necklace

🦋 SYMBOL OF HAPPNIESS🦋The beautiful butterfly symbolizes freedom, beauty, romance, and immortality. It represents the uniqueness of emotion. Let this beautiful butterfly necklace convey your affection.

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