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DOG TAGS–Charm Men Pendant

Dog tags date back to the American Civil War and World War I and II. They’re typically worn as identification in case of casualty or death. During World War II, the United States Army began including religious preference, but it was limited to P for Protestant, C for Catholic, or H for Jewish. Later, during the Korean War (1950-53), the letter X was added for ‘not listed’ and a Y for no religion or a choice to not list. Sorry, Jedis, you’ll have to choose X.

Soldiers traditionally wear 2 dog tags – one that stays with the body and one collected for identification and record-keeping. One tag is on the main chain and the other is attached by a smaller chain for quick removal.

Dog Tags & Engraving

Dog tag necklaces have moved from the battlefield to fashion and, while no longer used to identify a body at the morgue, still hold a degree of self-identification. Today, you can engrave dog tags with everything from a special date to a reminder to ‘Believe’ (thanks, Beiber).

If your dog tag is engraved with something personal or meaningful, you might want to wear it under your shirt… especially when headed to the office or a formal event. Otherwise, wear the necklace on the outside and get ready to start a conversation. Not sure how to personalize your engraved dog tag?

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