Ruby Rings

The Meaning Behind a Ruby Engagement Ring

The color red has long symbolized love and life. In addition, ruby serves as the July birthstone and an alternative birthstone for Capricorns.

Ruby fluorescence under ultraviolet light, including natural sunlight, actually makes the stone glow. In the past, this faint glow caused some to believe that the stones were alive. In other lore, they fluoresce because they contain fire. Glowing rubies seem to visibly represent passion.

Ruby has also been a favorite choice of celebrities and royalty. Jessica Simpson’s engagement ring features a ruby center stone, while her sister, Ashlee Simpson received an Art Deco-inspired ring with calibrated-cut rubies. In 1985, Prince Andrew proposed to Sarah Ferguson with a ruby ring to match her red locks. But that’s not the only royal engagement ring. Photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones proposed to Princess Margaret in 1960 with a ruby ring made to resemble a flower. The ring design was inspired by the Princess’s middle name, Rose.

Somethings About Ruby Engagement Rings

  • Symbolizes love, courage, passion, and protection
  • More durable and less expensive than other gemstones
  • Comes in various shades of red
  • Pairs best with yellow and rose gold settings
Jewelry number Jewelry description
CHURINGASMJZ – 0124 Women Ruby Rings Grape gemstone, wine party goddess ring. The significance is the first time I saw you, it was you.
CHURINGACRHJZ-0001 Ruby Wedding Rings Angel wreath ring. The significance is arounding the galaxy, there are nobrighter stars than you.
CHURINGASMJZ – 0065 Men Ruby Rings When Snake’s eye meets cat’s eye. The significance is you are backit with all the good things in this world.

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