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What Is a Ring Stack ?

Stacking (or layering) rings is a beautiful jewelry trend. It’s not only a way to wear a variety of rings, but also a way to express yourself and remember meaningful milestones in your life.

How do I stack my rings?

Similar to the bracelet layering trend, ring stacking is a fashion trend. It’s a way to express your personal style through your love of diamonds and gemstones.

Tips for Stacking your Wedding Ring

  • Start with a classic base
  • Stick to an odd number
  • Mix metals, stone colors, and shapes
  • Opt for an engagement ring with a raised setting
  • Build your stack over time instead of all at once

What is the meaning of stacking rings ?

Another reason women start stacking rings is to honor a milestone or occasion in their life. A wedding band is a representation of marriage, but there are so many more moments worth remembering. Anniversaries, the birth of children, and the passing of a loved one are a few examples. Wearing a ring that symbolizes that life event is a daily reminder of the mark it made on your life.

Ring stacking (or layering) is a jewelry trend where you wear multiple rings on one or multiple fingers. Many ring stackers start off by adding anniversary rings to their engagement ring and wedding band. However, ring stacking doesn’t have to include wedding rings.

Jewelry number

Jewelry description

CHURINGACDDJZ-0012 Gold Stacking Rings This Stepping Stone ring stack is hand crafted in white gold.
Designed with a polished finish and intriguing shape, the two rings interlock beautifully to form an elegant thicker band.
CHURINGACDDJZ-0006 Ice Stacking Rings This diamond ring stack is crafted with a trio of Pavilion eternity rings in rose and white gold. Hand set with a total of glistening diamonds.
The pavilion design brings a bit of texture and attitude to the minimalist linear eternity ring.  These rings are sure to attract attention when worn alone or layered as pictured.
CHURINGACDDJZ-0009 Anniversary Stacking Rings This ring stack is formed from two perfectly interlacing Crown Rings in white gold with a sleek polished finish and a sapphire set version with rhodium.
With the weight of total stone, these elegantly embellished full eternity rings are a stunning symbol of feminine power.
This collection allows you to stamp your own mood and personality onto your individual ring stack.
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