316L Stainless Steel Blackened Crystal Rhinestone Butterfly Earrings

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Churinga Butterfly Earrings

Butterfly symbolism of Earrings

In many cultures, butterfly earrings have a deep connection with souls. The butterfly’s spiritual meaning also deeply resonates with the Christian belief of ascension in addition to creativity, changes, pulsing joy, endless potential, transformation, and spiritual rebirth.

Butterfly Back Piercing Earrings

When it comes to piercing earrings, the earring itself is sharper and usually has a “notch” at the end of the post which is where the backing is supposed to lock, and ultimately makes it harder for them to get off.
Harder, not impossible, is important to remember because at some point they have to come off.
How to take piercing earrings w/ a butterfly back off? It’s same same idea as safety backs. Hold the front of the earring, whether it be the ball or the cz and hold the backing of the earring, pulling in opposite directions.
This won’t work with screw backs earrings and only work with piercing earrings with a safety back and piercing butterfly backing.

How to Remove Earrings

After getting a new ear piercing you may want to remove your earrings to change them or go without. Make sure you wait 6-8 weeks for earlobe piercings and at least 4 months for cartilage piercings, before removing your earrings. Always wash your hands before handling your earrings, and keep the piercing clean by regularly cleaning with a saline solution. As long as you’ve followed these steps, taking your earrings out should be safe and easy.

There Is Several Types of Backs

 Butterfly Backs

How Do You Remove Butterfly Stud Earrings?

When you feel the butterfly back begin to move, feel free to give it a gentle tug so it slides off. We find it easier to remove a stuck butterfly back when you give both sides of the earring a slight pinch, so you can add just enough force without risking hurt to skin tissue or the piercing itself.

How Do You Take out Starter Earrings?

Hold the post of the earring with your index finger and thumb.Gently unscrew the back by rotating it to the left.Unscrew until the back slides off the post.

Is It Bad to Leave Earrings in All the Time?

Friction Backs – Also known as push backs or butterfly backs, these are the most common type. Friction backs use tension to grip the earring post. You slide the earring back onto the earring post until it comfortably touches your earlobe. Cons: As with any spring, they eventually lose their tension and can fall off.

What to Do if The Back of Your Earring Is Stuck in Your Ear?

It can be stressful when earring back doesn’t come off. There will be times that even screw-on earring backs become stuck due to poor threading or being affixed too tightly to the earring post. The most common earring backs that get stuck to ears are the butterfly backs and the screw-in studs.Under maintaining proper hygiene, yes, you can leave your earrings in. There is absolutely no limitation on the time that you should wear them. Your earrings should be made of fine metals such as silver and gold. This way, you will make sure that you avoid any unwanted reactions.Unfortunately, earrings can sometimes become embedded in the ear, either because the ear gets infected and swollen, the earring clasp is too small or the earring is put on too tightly 1. When an earring becomes embedded, the earlobe grows over the back of the earring.

Rounded Back Aka Safety Backs

If your backings are rounded so the point of the piercing earring isn’t exposed, these are actually called Safety Backs. Before you take off piercing earrings remember to: Wash your hands Wait until the healing period is over to remove (6 weeks for earlobe, 12 weeks cartilage) Replace with a new earring right away Here is how I remove piercing earrings: Grab the front of the post with one hand. Grab the earring backing with the other hand. Pull in opposite directions. Few notes: It’s important to also grab the front because if you only pull the back, you can pull the earring through the ear which is going to hurt. Removing piercing earrings should NOT hurt. If you find that it’s painful, have someone help you or see a professional piercer to help you remove them.

Stuck Butterfly Backs

Sometimes with these type of butterfly backings.. the post slips through the middle of the post and ends up crooked. This could happen from something as simple as sleeping on your earring or it getting hit. When the backing is crooked, most likely it’s not going to come off with pulling at it. The trick I personally have found is taking apart the “butterfly”..using clean, needle nose pliers or tweezers to open the backing and then the backing slides right off without hurting the person at all. These are all tips I have used working at a piercing place using these specific piercing earrings. If you were pierced at a tattoo shop, you were mostly pierced with different earrings.


Butterfly Earrings details

So, when you speak of butterfly earrings there are several shops you can go to, some of them are quite famous. And yet if you looking forwards to finding a factory to doing some wholesale business. Churinga is here, you won’t regret it collaborating with us. With the most refined state of the art in the industry, you will get what you pay for. besides, if you have your own unique fashion butterfly earring design. feel free to contact us as well, we will realize whatever design you have been a dream of.


3 Easy Steps of Removing a Stuck Butterfly Backs Earring

Before removing any days-old earrings from your ear, it would be best to keep everything as clean as possible. Firstly, wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Rinse your hands thoroughly and dry with a clean towel.

Secondly, grab a cotton swab or cotton ball and wet it with clean water, then clean it on and around the ear. Make sure the back of the ear is also moistened. Check for any effuse or dirt and repeat if necessary. Dry your ear with a new cotton ball. Apply a new cotton swab, dipped with disinfecting solution such as alcohol sanitizers or hydrogen peroxide, and clean around the piercing. If you feel any stinging or itching, that is normal. Let your ear dry once again.

Thirdly, when trying to take the stud earring off, hold the post of the earring and keep it as straight and stable as possible so it won’t move about while you are pulling the butterfly back. With your other hand, find the long surface of the butterfly back and grip it firmly. Move it about gently to and fro until it begins to loosen. Keep the earring post as stable as possible. how-to-remove-butterfly-earring-backs When you feel the butterfly’s back begin to move, feel free to give it a gentle tug so it slides off. We find it easier to remove a stuck butterfly back when you give both sides of the earring a slight pinch, so you can add just enough force without risking hurt to skin tissue or the piercing itself. If you feel any crusting while you are removing the clasp, feel free to dip a cotton swab in warm water and clean around the area. That crust probably has pus and blood, which can make things sticky and slippery. Not a good place to be when you have something stuck to your ear. In some extreme situations, skin grows over a portion of the clasp as the body tries desperately to close the piercing. If this seems to be the case and the clasp does not move without ex

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316L Stainless Steel Blackened Crystal Rhinestone Butterfly Earrings