SSXL-002 Gold Heart Drop Necklace


What Is The Meaning Of Heart Shaped Jewelry?

One of the most enduring designs of modern jewelry is an iconic heart-shaped design. The meaning and symbolism of a heart design may seem obvious. However, few people know the historical origins of this now common design. A heart-shaped pendant or ornament symbolizes love, friendship, and deep affection. The heart symbol represents many different things. Throughout history, the symbol has had both religious to romantic meanings. Nowadays, strong love and affection is the reason most people gift pieces of heart jewelry.

Heart-shaped lockets came into increasing prominence in the 19th Century. They perfectly represented the bonds of love and marriage. Heart lockets became synonymous with love. It was common to enclose a strand of your lover’s hair inside your heart locket.

Because heart jewelry is often gifted by lovers it gained the name “sweetheart jewelry”. Sweetheart jewelry has been around in some form for hundreds of years. The trend rose to prominence in the first and second world wars. For servicemen, the harsh realities of war made the exchange of keepsakes with loved ones at home extra special. Young soldiers started a tradition of sending “sweetheart” jewelry back home. They would gift heart jewelry to their girlfriends, wives, sisters, and mothers. The recipients of sweetheart jewelry wore it openly and with pride and patriotism.

CHURINGA Heart Necklace Details

Stainless steel heart-shaped necklace with chain resembling handcuffs. The cool color and luster that refracts on integral visual effect is delicate and fashionable.

CHURINGASXL-0024 Heart Necklace
CHURINGASXL-0024 Heart Necklace
CHURINGASXL-0024 Heart Necklace
CHURINGASXL-0024 Heart Necklace

The Meaning Of Different Heart Necklace

What Does An Open Heart Necklace Mean?

Open or broken hearts are also common motifs in jewelry design. For many people, the open heart pendant holds a lot of meaning. It typically signifies opening one’s heart to the person who gave the pendant. By opening the heart you are allowing the other person to fill it with love and affection.

Open Heart Necklace
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What Does A Broken Heart Necklace Mean?

Twin necklaces with two halves of a broken heart are common with lovers and friends. They symbolize that the heart can only be whole when the two people and the two pieces are united. Broken heart necklaces are the most common form, but broken hearts are also seen on bracelets and rings.

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What Does A Winged Heart Necklace Mean?

A winged heart is a popular design in jewelry, art, and tattoo art. The winged heart has many meanings, both religious and romantic. In religion, the winged heart is a symbol of the Sufis of Islam. In this culture, the heart with wings symbolizes ascension. Heart tattoos with wings also symbolize freedom or a joyous and free-spirited nature. Winged heart jewelry can also be a symbol of loss and grief. The wings symbolize that a loved one is being carried to heaven by the angels.

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CHURINGASXL-0024 Heart Necklace
SSXL-002 Gold Heart Drop Necklace