SSSL-003 Link Bracelet For Men


The cuban link bracelet is a variation of the standard cable link chain and features oval links that intersect in a rope pattern. The links twist into a cable-like design, which gives it a bit of a traditional look. Creating a classic style with a bit of modern edge, this kind of chain is perfect for all kinds of wearers and styles. Though it’s seen as somewhat traditional, this chain has some serious built-in swagger with trendsetters and trailblazers choosing it as a centerpiece or layering it with other gold chains.

The rise of the Miami cuban link bracelets is extremely popular, they are a sign of wealth to many people. Many rappers and hip-hop artists own custom-made gold cuban link bracelets. The design is very simple and clean, that can be worn for any occasion from business attire to street attire. The cuban link bracelet will never go out of style, it is and has been an ageless piece. It’s an iconic design that makes a statement for anyone wearing it. The chain is very simple yet carries some weight. The chain design is not a trend, it’s a must have!
Have you seen hip hop rappers’ pictures and/or their music videos? Yes, they have a Miami Cuban link hanging around their neck. The Cuban link is a must have chain for everyone that has a chain collection.

gold cuban link bracelet
Gold cuban link bracelet

Here are a few reasons why, in our opinion, the Cuban link stands out from the rest of the gold chains on our radar.

  • It’s Rocked by Hip-Hop Legends – You don’t have to look very far to find the gold cuban link draped around the necks of icons new and old. Versions of it start showing up in the hip-hop history books in the 1980s, with Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, and Biz Markie sporting their own Cuban links back in the day. It’s still ubiquitous among artists, including Jay-Z, Usher, DJ Khaled, and If you appreciate some classic freshness, this is the chain for you.
  • It’s Perfect for Showcasing Pendants – Cuban links come in a variety of different weights, thicknesses, and lengths, so they serve as great bases for displaying your best pendants. If you’re trying to highlight your prized Jesus piece or crucifix and want a little something extra, go for the Cuban. Just make sure it’s thick enough for the pendant you’re eyeing (we can always help you pair your cuban link bracelet with the right pendant if you need some advice).
  • It Can Be Blinged Out – Like a few carats with your karats? If you prefer the flashy style of a diamond-studded gold chain, the Cuban link is great because it has a relatively flat surface area that can be frosted with diamonds. Typically, our jewelers use the pave diamond effect, which makes the surface look like it’s naturally brilliant and diamond-encrusted. There’s nothing quite like it.
  • It’s Extremely Versatile – Gold chains, in general, are among the most adaptable pieces of jewelry a person can own, but the Cuban link is especially versatile. It can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet, with necklaces coming in lengths ranging from 20 to 30 inches and widths ranging from 4 millimeters to 21 millimeters. If you’ve got a specific outfit or pendant to flex with your Cuban link, you know you’ll get it just right, thanks to the sheer variety of options available.

Cuban link bracelets don’t have to be expensive; particularly, if you are buying a cuban link bracelet made out of precious metal. For instance, buying a cuban link bracelet made of gold can become expensive depending on the grams, purity of the metal (24k is more expensive than a 10k, the higher the number before the “k”, the higher the purity), and thickness.

In today’s world, owning a gold chain is perhaps not in someone’s budget. The point is you want to purchase a chain that can retain value, there is no real benefit to purchasing a fake plated gold chain. Though it is tempting to buy a plated chain the fact is you are losing money. However, there is an alternative, you can still purchase a cuban link bracelet that obtains and retains value. The alternative is purchasing a solid sterling silver cuban link bracelet which will carry value while retaining the value as times goes by. They are more accessible and it’s a precious metal that retains value. Stainless steel cuban link bracelets are a great alternative to purchasing a gold chain if you don’t want to break the bank.

Yes, cuban link bracelets are quite strong and do not tend to break or snap easily! Most of these chains have an interlocking pattern that ensures high durability and strength of the overall chain. At CHURINGA, we make strong and robust cuban link bracelets.

In addition, we also provide Miami cuban link bracelets. For these chains, we use a strong and durable stainless base. Stainless steel jewelry tends to shine constantly, and it will never appear as if it has faded.

So who usually sports Cuban links? Men and especially rock stars have been wearing cuban link bracelets for several years now. That said, people usually associate Cuban links with the popular hip-hop and streetwear days. These days, people wear Cuban links in different styles. Some prefer to go formal and wear the chain with a bow tie and full suit. If you can ace this look, you will come across as stylish and professional at the same time!
Furthermore, if it is summertime and you are sporting a white vest or going shirtless, you can enhance your overall look with a cuban link bracelet at a summer party. The chain is sure to look classy and fresh and make heads turn.
Keep in mind that it is not just men who can wear cuban link bracelets well. Contemporary women and female rock stars can do so too, and complement the chain with the rest of their jewelry.

gold cuban link
Gold cuban link

When you talk about the standard cuban link bracelet thickness, it is usually between 8 millimeters and 12 millimeters for men and between 5 millimeters and 8 millimeters for women.
The common thickness is 12mm for icedout cuban link bracelets for men and 8mm for icedout/Miami cuban link bracelets for females.

Are Gold Chains Tacky?

The short answer is no; gold chains are not tacky. That is because stars, celebrities, and influencers around the world make it a very popular icon that soon becomes a trend worldwide. However, if you are still worrying, you could always choose a thinner cuban link bracelet or one that comes in white gold. That will make you look very attractive.

As mentioned above, the advent of cuban link bracelets was in the 1970s. So you can say these chains have been around for 45-50 years! Over time, Cuban links have grown in popularity, and their use is prevalent these days.

This is a crucial question you need to ask yourself prior to purchasing your Cuban links. The truth is that it all comes down to your preferred choice. Do you fancy a small chain or a big one? What size do you think will look good on you? Just so you know, the most common and preferred cuban link bracelet sizes are 19 millimeters, 18 millimeters, and 12 millimeters. These sizes look very good on almost everyone, and the Cuban links are sure to draw attention towards yourself!
If you purchase a smaller size by mistake, you can always take it to the jeweler, who will take out the extra links for you.

CHURINGASMSL-0003 Stainless steel Bracelet
CHURINGASMSL-0003 Stainless steel miami cuba link bracelet bracelet
CHURINGASMSL-0003 Stainless steel Bracelet
CHURINGASMSL-0003 Stainless steel miami cuba link bracelet bracelet

Stainless Steel Jewelry Manufacturers

6 Stainless Steel Jewelry Manufacturers IN CHINA

  • CHURINGA jewelry factory

CHURINGA jewelry factory have a complete production line, so CHURINGA can independently produce various popular styles and some original designs to meet your needs of styles. We have successfully held product exhibitions in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and obtained a large number of orders from Europe, America and Southeast Asia.
CHURINGA jewelry factory features surgical stainless steel jewelry, as well as vacuum ion plating jewelry with artificial gem (synthetic cubic zirconia, synthetic crystal, synthetic ruby, etc). Product variety, which covers rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, bangles, jewelry sets, etc. CHURINGA jewelry factory features service is supports customization.

  • A2A jewelry

The trendy manufacturing site is here to deliver some of the very best choices of stainless steel jewels. Although the traditional manufacturing process is threatened, you can be sure you will find the right jewels for your store here.
This is the world’s number one stainless steel jewel producer. They have found ways to produce just the best jewels even though it’s not with precious metals. If you want a unique, innovative, and stylish jewel, you should vast this site.
Located in Guangdong, China, this company has all the metals you may need for manufacturing. They have raised their stands, making sure they stand out with the most unique looking jewels.

  • Happy metals jewelry

When you are going to talk about the stainless steel jewels, we have to mention the happy metals. This brand opened its doors back in 2001. Notice that they manufacture the different kinds and styles of stainless steel jewels
This brand has luckily seen massive improvements with its quality; you can only get the best here. They show you how to go about buying the jewels with them, so be ready.
When you want unique options that you don’t need to pay a lot for, you can comfortably choose to buy from this site.

  • Winda jewelry

When you have or want to sell the stainless steel jewels, you should only choose them from winda. Having been in business for more than ten years in their factory, they make the best jewels. They have worked with over 20000 great designers.
The company knows that stainless steel jewels are more popular for a reason. They are of excellent quality, yet they don’t even fade, and they are cheap.
If you really want even to visit the factory, then you can go to Guangzhou. You will find all kinds of products, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.
They stand at an edge over their competitors because they only sell the best quality jewels. It further stands out for maintaining a good rapport with their clients. They make sure you will benefit for making all the great jewels.

  • SOQ jewel

This is a perfect brand that was first founded in 2012. It focuses on jewel shopping, marketing, and selling online. The brand is a wholesale but also a manufacturing brand. They have a factory located in Zhejiang.
The brand is focused on producing high quality, unique jewels. They are also going to bring you competitive prices. If you want the latest and the trendiest of the designs, then here you have it.
This company focuses and works with the most significant jewelry companies. In fact, the market is European and the American brands too.
They have a stainless steel branch called YIWU SOQ jewelry factory. But remember, they mostly specialize in selling 316L jewel—everything about manufacturing and export.

  • Dinor

They have a fashion jewelry production company in Dinor. However, they also sell jewels wholesale. They sell 316 stainless steel jewels of different types and styles.
The company also sells stainless steel rings, bracelets, earrings, bangles, pendants, anklets, and more. You will have several 316 jewels that are not only stylish but also safe and affordable. This is a trusted brand; that’s why it’s popular among retailers. This is an eCommerce site that has its base in China.


6 Stainless Steel Jewelry Manufacturers In The USA

  • BoFashionImport Jewelry Wholesaler

Specializing in fashion jewelry, Bo Fashion Import Jewelry Wholesaler is a family-owned wholesale jewelry company based in the US and known for its high-quality stainless steel jewelry, along with free shipping services to all retailers and secondary wholesalers in the US. Shoppers and retailers get to choose from a wide range of over 100 fashion necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, earrings, jewelry sets, hair accessories, and body jewelry, among others.

  • RB Jeweler Services

RB Jeweler Services is one of the divisions of Robert Bartholomew, the leading fine jewelry manufacturer that also offers jewelry repair services affordably. The company has been around for more than 170 years, and you will be happy to know that in addition to the exceptional quality of services provided, none of their services is outsourced.
They offer custom jewelry designing, as well as private label jewelry customization services. To make all these possible, this company prides itself in the provision of the best jewelry casting services, elegant finishing, pearl stringing, as well as jewelry repair services.

  • 25 Cent Body Jewelry

For the best of 316L surgical stainless steel jewelry, you might want to work with 25 Cent Body Jewelry, a company that sells some of the best quality stainless steel jewelry items for men and women.
Some of the items of jewelry made of stainless steel include money clips, stainless steel earrings, rings, chains, pendants, bracelets, bracelets and chainsets, rosary, gun pendants, animal pendants, religious pendants, and sports pendants, among others.

  • Blake Brothers Bulletin

For the best stainless steel jewelry, Blake Brothers Bulletin is a manufacturer you might want to consider. While the company is well known as a big sterling silver manufacturer, they also offer high-quality stainless steel items of jewelry.
The unique feature about this manufacturer is that they sell some of the best stainless steel rings, specifically, Celtic rings.

  • BoFashionImport Jewelry Wholesaler

Specializing in fashion jewelry, Bo Fashion Import Jewelry Wholesaler is a family-owned wholesale jewelry company based in the US and known for its high-quality stainless steel jewelry, along with free shipping services to all retailers and secondary wholesalers in the US. Shoppers and retailers get to choose from a wide range of over 100 fashion necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, earrings, jewelry sets, hair accessories, and body jewelry, among others.

  • P&K Jewelry

P&K Jewelry carries the largest selection of the most beautiful, high-quality, super-trendy stainless steel jewelry both for men and women. This stainless steel jewelry manufacturer carries a wide range of stainless steel jewelry items, from rings and necklaces to earrings, bangles, bracelets, and jewelry sets. Some of the stainless steel jewelry has pearls and stones, and with the beauty of stainless steel, you can look forward to the best selection of jewelry. P&K Jewelry also offers jewelry for both men and women.

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CHURINGASMSL-0003 Stainless steel Bracelet
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