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Moonlight Bethlehem Star Bracelet

Brands that are good at using stars as elements in their design are pandora and Swarovski, both of them are having classic and wonderful star bracelet designs in their collections. But in this particular category and style, pandora is ahead of the whole market. It’s Celestial stars bracelet By inspired you fell on their magical, dreamy world based on the mystery of the night sky and the brilliance of starlight. Our star bracelet features a collection of irregularly-shaped sterling silver star shapes embellished with round cubic zirconia stones bound together by pavé bars to evoke a life beyond your wildest dreams, with each star symbolizing a past milestone or a future achievement. Let the sterling silver bracelet remind you of all of the proud moments that make you, you. its made out of sterling silver which is rather risky and expensive for any beginning vendor. Regardless that stainless steel is now more widely accepted by consumers.

Bethlehem Star

What is the Bethlehem Star?

According to biblical texts, symbols of religious worship were seen by the wise men of the East and prompted them to set out. The star of Bethlehem was the symbol of the birth of Christ, for everyone knew that the king of the Jews had been born. The wise men went to Jerusalem but did not find the baby. There are indications that they went further – in Bethlehem in Judas, the guiding star stopped on Mary and allowed the gift to be given to Jesus. For this, she has been included in many saint biographies, novels, paintings and ICONS.

The proper Bethlehem Star

The star came to the Russian Orthodox Church from Byzantium as a symbol of God’s mother and her son Christ. This religion endorsed the octagonal sign of God radiating the light of the Star of Beeri. Since ancient times, it has infiltrated religion in several ways:

  1. The star was mounted on the dome of the first Orthodox church.
  2. Almost all madonnas can see it.
  3. In Czarist Russia, the highest state award was the Order of St. Andrew, in the form of an octagon star.
  4. Bethlehem symbols adorn the church’s dishes.

Bethlehem Star – Mystic

This esoteric symbol expresses the true law of human ancestral karma. It is believed that every life is affected by the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem. The seven generations that live in a man’s presence exert a strong influence on his life. His ideas influence those who follow him for the same reason. This star is an expression of generational continuity and mutual responsibility. The Star of Bethlehem confirms the uniqueness of Jesus, the difference between him and ordinary people. There were 14 generations between King David of Judaea and the birth of the Son of God.

What is the Bethlehem star like?

Bethlehem Star

Scientists have their own ideas about the emergence of cult symbols. Under the beacon, the way of the wise men was shown to baby Jesus, and they were referring to the union of Jupiter and Saturn or Halley’s Comet. They’re not trying to refute what the Bible says – they’re just trying to find a reasonable explanation. They did not answer the question of why Birley’s star is an eighth, because they believed that from Earth Mackey could see a series of several cosmic bodies observed in 12 BC. Two months.

The theory that Burleigh stars represent true celestial phenomena was first proposed in the 1970s by Professor David Hughes of the University of Sheffield. He came to the conclusion:

  • The “three Kings” who came to Jesus to congratulate his parents were astrologers who studied space events.
  • The Bible points to an event before birth that confirms their attention to the nonstandard motions of the heavenly bodies.
  • Maggie worships the “planetary party” – Jupiter is not simply aligned with Saturn, but aligned with Earth.

Where is the Bethlehem star?

According to ancient legend, the world’s famous symbols were preserved in holy places. Bethlehem star at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. At the heart of the church is a cave built around an old well called Christmas Cave. According to believers, if you look long enough into the well, celestial bodies will fall to their bottom, as can be seen, today. In 1717, the house of the church was built by the friars of the Monastic Order of Fontaine. The cave is decorated with a 14-star ray silver star.

Bethlehem Star. – Can I wear Orthodox?

During a tourist visit to Jerusalem, you can purchase Bethlehem stars on a pre-dedicated chain or rope. Such accessories were widely carried as gifts to friends and acquaintances, regardless of the possibility of wearing the Star of Bethlehem around the neck. The views of the clergy are divided: some of them generally believe that the star was brought to Jesus by Satan who ignited Herod. Most pastors express their opinions based on decorative forms:

  • This octagonal star is a symbol of Islam, indicating its owner’s attachment to another religion.
  • 5 terminal pause indicates Satanism, which is considered to be an evil cult.
  • The star of David can be combined with a cross and even worn on clothing.
  • Given that it is now considered a symbol of Judaism, the original symbol of the star of Bethlehem marked its owner’s Christian affiliation
CHURINGASWSL-0001 Stainless steel Bracelet
CHURINGASWSL-0001 Stainless steel Bracelet
CHURINGASWSL-0001 Stainless steel Bracelet
CHURINGASWSL-0001 Stainless steel Bracelet
CHURINGASWSL-0001 Stainless steel Bracelet
CHURINGASWSL-0001 Stainless steel Bracelet


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CHURINGASWSL-0001 Stainless steel Bracelet
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