Ring-Shaming: Why Ring Shaming Is Never Okay | CHURINGA JEWELRY

Picture your dream ring (if it isn’t already on your finger). Maybe it’s pear-shaped, or emerald-cut or round—maybe it’s a diamond, or a sapphire, or a garnet. Maybe there’s no rock at all. Is your band gold or silver? Platinum or pavé?

Either way, we guarantee whatever design you’re envisioning is different than what the person next to you would want. (And isn’t that great? Everyone gets their own dream ring!) What we’re trying to say is, everyone has a different vision for their dream ring. Which is why it’s never okay to shame someone for the size or style of their ring.

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Recently, we covered a story regarding a woman getting shamed for her $130 engagement ring. “I wasn’t even thinking about rings. I just wanted to marry my best friend,” said bride-to-be Ariel Desiree McRae.

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Another story about food blogger Jen Phanomrat grabbed our attention—her engagement Instagram post garnered comments calling her hammered gold and pearl ring “microscopic.”

She responded by saying the ring was exactly what she wanted, and a little detail was what mattered to her most (her fiancé asked the ring maker to inscribe their initials on the inner band).


Both women make valid points about what an engagement ring actually represents: the marriage itself, the person you’re marrying and the promise you’re making to each other. So whatever your dream ring is, it’s yours and yours alone. If your prerogative is a princess-cut diamond on an infinity band, great! Rather wear a simple gold band? That’s great too. As long as your choice is special and meaningful to you, that’s all that matters.


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