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What is Rook piercing?

A rook piercing is a perforation on the antihelix region of the ear to wear jewelry. It is just above the tragus on the ridge between the outer and the inner conch and is one of the most painful forms of ear piercing. Erik Dakota popularised rook piercing and gave the piercing its name. It is quite uncommon and therefore eye-catching. Rook part of the ear is not generally noticeable by people, but jewelry in this part can make it noticeable.

Some people also get rook piercing for migraines as they believe that the rook of the ear is the acupuncture point that relieves from the migraine headaches. Here is the piercing guide for you.Rook Piercing Diamond Rook Piercing Diamond

Procedure Followed For Rook Piercing 

Choose a clean and authentic parlor which have a license for piercing. The expert piercer will perform the following to complete the piercing:

  • Sterilize the equipment and tools before use.
  • Clean the rook area and make the area numb.
  • Mark the area for accuracy.
  • Carve a perforation using a 14 to 16 gauge hollow needle.
  • Insert the jewelry carefully in the piercing.
  • Wipe off the blood, if it’s seeping out.

Tip: Try to control your breathing during the piercing procedure.



Rook Piercing Pain Experienced

Piercing this part of the ear which is quite thick and fleshy is likely to hurt, and therefore pain ratings are 5 to 6 on 10. In case the pain tolerance is lower the intensity of twinge can be higher. Initially, it hurts for 20-25 minutes after the piercing, and then the pain reduces gradually.

Rook Piercing Healing Time

The complete healing can take 6 to 8 months. However, healing of the ridge can stretch for a period of about 12 to 18 months. The time can be more if germs hit the piercing. So appropriate aftercare is a must.

Rook PiercingRook Piercing EarringsRook Piercings FlowerRook Piercings Flower

Aftercare: Do’s & Don’ts


  • Clean the area regularly using a gentle soap.
  • Dab cotton soaked in lukewarm saline water.
  • Use clean paper towels or handkerchiefs.
  • Change the pillow covers daily.
  • Take a nutritious diet rich in Vitamin B and C as it quickens the healing process.
  • Lubricate and aerate the piercing as covering can cause germ growth.
  • Sleep in a position that does not cause any strain or injury in the piercing.

Rook Piercings GoldRook Piercings GoldRook Piercings GuyRook Piercings Guy


  • Do not touch the area with dirty hands.
  • Avoid swimming and use of a bathtub.
  • Do not take alcohols and other hard drinks.
  • Do not use Hairspray or hair color during the healing process.

Risk Associated

Cartilage piercings are more prone to infections than lobe piercings. Bacterial infections, in some cases, are severe. Moreover, possibilities of scarring always remain.

Rook Piercings HurtRook Piercings HurtRook Piercings ImagesRook Piercings Images

Infection & Complications: Rook piercing

Generally, the rook piercing presents the same set of complications as other cartilage piercings, but the concealed position makes it less prone to accidental scratching and snagging. Due to differential anatomy, it is not suitable for everyone to get this form of piercing. People with poorly defined ridge should not go for these piercings.

The infection is detectable in rook area if there are unusual swelling and soreness accompanied with pain and itching. Seeping out of pus is a clear indication of infection.

Recovery from an Infection

  • Clean the area gently.
  • Apply a warm compress or do sea salt soak
  • Avoid any antibiotic or cream
  • Consult a doctor in case of severe contagion.
  • Follow the instructions and prescriptions.

Rook piercing hoopRook Piercings PicturesRook Piercings Pictures

Jewelry Selection For Rook Piercing

Any jewelry can go with the piercing, from CBRs to curved barbells. Many piercers suggest wearing curved barbells initially as its curvature is less than CBR’s. Katniss Everdeen styles her rook piercing with a hoop having a ball on it. Hinge seamless WildKlass jewelry is also an option for rook piercing.

The metal of the jewelry should be noncorrosive and skin friendly and it is advised to wear Titanium, Gold or Surgical steel rook jewelry in the healing phase.

Rook Piercings RingRook Piercings RingRook PiercingsRook Piercings

Cost: Rook piercing

It ideally costs about $35 to $50. The prices may vary with the choice of jewelry and piercing parlor. The elite salons can charge high. Do not select an unauthorized salon or an inexperienced parlor for cost cutting because it can result in complications and problems.

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