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Baroque necklace is made of pearl plus stainless steel chain or golden stainless steel chain with handmade composition visually this style is marked by pieces that are bold, ornate, and heavy-looking. it moved away from creating jewelry pieces fashioned with colored enamel and began creating more unique masterpieces using such materials as pearls. a variety of styles, you can arbitrarily change the style.The styles we have now have been carefully designed by our designers and are loved by people.In addition, if you have any ideas please let us know and we will complete your ideas into a finished product.

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Pitch a design or Idea pictures/drawings/Idea

Pitch a design or Idea pictures/drawings/Idea

3D rendering to customer for confirm

within 3-7 days after finish your design shall we will move to next

Arrange samples production

within 10-20 days we will finish the sample production

Customer confirms samples

It most likely depends on the freight company you choose

Arrange mass prodution

our monthly output is about 200,000 to 250,000 pieces

Implement Custom Jewelry with a Strong Design

Over the years, Churinga has successfully handled thousands of different design on jewelry customizations, during these years, We have: Rich experience Innovation ability Understand the jewelry industry & trend in marketplace In addition, we strive to ensure accurate delivery of customer requirements, so our custom team will work closely with you to accurately understand and execute your requirements.We provide samples for each item, giving you the opportunity to evaluate and test the custom product design before confirming the order. With low MOQ, lets be our partner. we mainly use Zbrush、CAD、Rhino for design.

Wholesale stainless steel jewelry from Churinga​

Churinga is a wholesaler of all kinds of accessories, and we have our own jewelry factory, which can produce high-quality jewelry to enhance the luxury of the products. We have thousands of accessories are in stock, the starting batch is very low, the delivery time is fast, from your order to get the goods only need about 10 days. Therefore, your cost is reduced and you don’t have to wait for customization and be limited by the minimum order quantity of customized products.

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Provide special packing requirements


Churinga In order to consider the transportation of the products, we adopt simple packaging. In order not to affect the delivery time, if you need the brand logo or special packaging, please tell us in advance, and we will help customize the brand logo and special packaging materials for you.

Churinga's enhanced quality control

All of Churinga’s accessories are subject to strict quality control to ensure that all of our products are manufactured to its specifications. We have a special quality inspection department which is responsible for checking all the products for any defects. They will go through three times of inspection, right after pre-polishing, formal polishing, and before packing to deliver cargo. Quality problems we will pick out one by one to do waste treatment, to ensure that you are high-quality products.

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