Fidget Rings For Anxiety

What are spinner rings?

If you want to know what a spinner ring does and whether it works. Churinga will tell you.

spinner ring meaning

Spinner rings are designed in a way that outer smaller rings spin on the inner ring that encircles the finger. A spinner ring is a combination of rings that has a band ring with another ring around it that moves freely. The spinner rings or fidget rings have an outer decorated band that manually spins around the inner ring part. The base (inner) ring is stable on your finger, while the outer (smaller) ring can be rotated.

1. Spinner rings vs. Motion rings vs. Meditation rings

Spinner rings, also known as worry rings, motion rings, or meditation rings, are two banded rings. One band of the rings stays in place while the other on the inside spins.

Spinner Rings DetailsSpinner Rings Specification
Dimensions0.8 cm
ShipmentDHL/TNT/FedEx 3-10 Working Days
Jewelry BrandCHURINGA
Jewelry QualityHigh Quality
Jewelry Material316L Stainless steel
Jewelry NumberCHURINGASJZ – 0182
Black/Gold/Rose gold spinner rings price range1.5 – 2.3
Stainless steel spinner rings price range1.3 – 2.1

The spinner ring is believed to come from ancient Tibetan meditation traditions and is called a “worry ring” because spinning the ring to the right is believed to have a calming effect on the mind and body. In the ancient religion of Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhists used metal spinning cylinders with sacred text engraved on the outer surface to recite and perform their religious practices.

2. Why do people like spinner rings

The spinning motion is believed to naturally help calm the mind of the Tibetan Buddhists while simultaneously increasing good karma and ridding them of any bad energy as they recite their religious literature. “Wheel prayer” is the name given by the Ancient Tibetan Buddhists that perform these practices.

Spinning the proper is believed to own a relaxing result on the mind and body. Whereas some spinner ring supporters argue that the ring itself is AN anxiety cure, a spinner ring alone is unlikely to cut back your anxiety. however, there are real ways to use a spinner ring that will really be extraordinarily valuable.

Sun stars moon elements fidget rings
Sun stars moon elements fidget rings

3. spinner rings also called the fidget rings

What is a fidget ring?

The idea is similar to a fidget spinner. Each ring is made of metal and has moveable parts on it. Think beads that slide back and forth and rings that twirl. Instead of carrying around a fidget spinner with you, you can slip this on your finger and use it as you’d like.

As the name suggests, a fidget ring is a ring you wear around your fingers with an element of spinning, twisting, or tapping that lets you “fidget” with it. The best fidget rings (also sometimes referred to as “spinner rings”) provide a more subtle and discreet way to engage your restless fingers over say, a large fidget spinner or even the popular fidget cubes.

Some people will twist their regular rings, so a fidget ring is a more soothing alternative to this anxious habit. Some of the most popular fidget rings also include a moveable band, attached to the fixed band, that allows you to smoothly “spin” your ring. It’s usually made out of metal or hard plastic, though there are other materials used in fidget rings too.

black fidget rings
black fidget rings

The best part: because they look like regular jewelry, the best fidget rings are also super easy to wear as an everyday accessory, that does double duty as a stylish ring and something to help ease anxiety.

What is a spinner ring used for?

1. spinner rings for anxiety

Do spinner rings work? Yes, spinner rings help relieve anxiety.

Science has found that fidgeting and fiddling with an object is an effective coping mechanism for anxiety, and can even help lower cortisol levels and increase focus. Resting right on your hand, the spinner ring lets you easily fidget so as to relieve stress.

Lord's Prayer rings Engraved letters rings by handmade
Lord’s Prayer rings Engraved letters rings by handmade

Most people with anxiety are responsive to the requirement to fidget with one thing once they’re feeling anxious. Some folks bite or choose their nails. Some folks place their hands in their pockets. Others twiddle their necklaces or rings.

Spinner rings are designed to be fiddled with. Spinner rings can help an individual to acknowledge they have anxiety which can help just by itself. Fidgeting also can help distract you from whatever’s causing you tension.

Spinner rings can also be used to focus attention and help ground your thoughts during meditation. To meditate on your ring, simply take a moment to sit quietly and slowly spin the ring’s outer band. With each rotation, take a deep breath in and out. If you like, you can even count or recite the special mantra. With your attention focused on the ring’s movements, you’ll find your mind slowing down and settling into the present.

A spinner ring of relief anxiety
A spinner ring of relief anxiety

2. Fidget Rings can Reduce Anxiety as spinner rings

According to, fidget rings could be used to help reduce anxiety. Fidget rings are not exactly a magical cure, but awareness of why you wear one and its purpose can help you. When you start fidgeting with the ring, you know it’s for the purpose to soothe nerves, so you’re aware of your anxiety and current preoccupation.

Do fidget rings help?

Wearing a fidget ring can help you be more present, and give you a positive association by equating the action of spinning your ring with relaxation. Naturally, fidgeting is also calming, so using the ring is an effective way of keeping nerves in check.

men fidget rings
men fidget rings

3. What can you engrave on spinner rings?

You engrave virtually anything on spinner rings. If you want to engrave text there’s a multitude of things you could do. You could engrave your name or a message on the spinning part of the ring or on the inside. There’s also custom image engraving where any image can be engraved on the ring. Fingerprint engraving is another option. You could engrave the fingerprint of someone dear to you or someone who has passed away.

How do you make a silver fidget ring?

Now there’s gonna be a 10 mil wide ring. So I’ve just figured out basically how much silver I’ll need to use using this equation.

How do fidget rings work?

1. Also can meditate while using it

Once you’ve imagined this, start spinning your ring and thinking about or repeating to yourself whatever it is you wanted to associate with the spinning. If it’s an affirmation, then keep saying the affirmation to yourself. If it’s a behavior, like slowing down your breathing, then start breathing the way you plan to breathe.

Whatever you plan on associating with your ring, picture it or do it continuously. All the while, try to start relaxing. Take deep breaths, relax your muscles and your body, and use any relaxation strategies you’ve learned. Once you feel that you’re completely relaxed, you can stop spinning the ring.

fidget ring
fidget ring

2. Use It When Anxious

Any time you’re feeling anxious, spin the ring. Because the ring is always close by, you can quietly and discreetly meditate at any given moment, whether you’re sitting at your work desk, taking public transit, or waiting in the doctor’s office.  

It’s perfectly okay to fidget with it any time of the day when you feel like you need to move your hands since fidgeting does have a naturally calming effect. You can use the ring at any time – not just when you need it for extreme anxiety.

But when you’re feeling like you’re about to have an anxiety attack, remember to spin the ring or do and think about whatever it was you decided to associate with it. Try not to stop spinning the ring until you’ve successfully calmed yourself down. As best you can, always try to turn to this tool any time you’re suffering from intense anxiety.

women fidget ring
women fidget ring

Over time, if this works for you, this association should grow stronger, and eventually, simply by spinning the ring, you’ll be able to be in a calmer state.

How do you make fidget rings spin?

And use your pliers to bend in the end. Slide a bead onto the remaining wire. And wrap that around the base of the ring. Make sure to leave it loose enough so the bead can spin.

Where to buy spinner rings?

Choose churinga if you want to buy your own spinner rings. And contact us to customize your unique rings.

Advantages and disadvantages of jewelry of different materials

There are many different materials or styles for fidget rings these days, spinner rings, 316L stainless steel rings, copper rings, 925 sterling silver rings, tungsten rings, Celtic rings, titanium rings, men’s jewelry, women’s jewelry, diamond jewelry, butterfly jewelry, etc. Whichever you prefer, Churinga will guard your glamour.

Are Fidget Rings Worth It?

In a time when anxiety’s been exceedingly high, we recommend fidget rings. From constant work and the stress of the pandemic, a fidget ring is worth having around if you need to relieve stress, turn your mind off, or focus on something else for a few minutes aside from your daily grind. It’s certainly not a germy habit to spin a ring; plus, some styles work for everyday wear. And unlike the one-size-fits-all approach to a fidget spinner, the best fidget rings come in sizes and designs for every taste and personality.

wedding bands

How to clean spinner rings?

Spinner Ring Care

1. Cleaning your spinner rings

Just like any other piece of jewelry, your spinning ring will require occasional cleaning.

Swirl the water around until you see some bubbles on the surface

Clean your ring by soaking it in a solution of warm water and mild dish soap. While it’s soaking, gently swish the ring around and spin its band while it’s submerged in the water. This should help remove any grime as well as lubricate the bands for a smoother, cleaner spin. After ten minutes, rinse the ring and lay it out to air dry. 

2. Spinner Ring Lubrication

Regularly adding some form of lubrication to your spinner ring can keep it spinning quietly and smoothly.

Use liquid silicone products, such as personal lubricants or vegetable oils. Simply apply a small amount to your finger and rub it along the inner and outer intersections of the ring. Turn the ring back and forth to allow the lubricant between the rings to act.

Apply the powder along the edges of the bands

Once the ring is spinning smoothly and quietly, wipe away excess lubricant with a paper towel or cloth. Then Using the pencil lead’s graphite, a small amount of the lead is first ground into a powder (crushing the replacement lead or scraping it off the tip). Apply the powder along the edges of the bands until your ring spins smoothly.

Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly when you are finished to remove any residual dust from your fingers. 

People also ask

Do the Churinga spinner rings/fidget rings work as well as Stimtastic?

Yes. In a sense, the spinner rings/fidget rings work as well as Stimtastic. The spinner rings/fidget rings by Churinga are a kind of jewelry that helps to relieve anxiety and relax the nerves. The spinner rings/fidget rings by Churinga are suitable for adults with autism, adolescents, and people with SPD, ADHD, movement disorders, etc. Our jewelry is generally made of surgical grade 316L stainless steel, which is absolutely safe.

fidget rings spin
fidget rings spin

The benefit of the Jewelry Metals

1. Benefits of 316L stainless steel jewelry

  • stainless steel jewelry is known to be long lasting and durable
  • stainless steel jewelry does not tarnish
  • most people find they have no allergies to stainless steel jewelry
  • stainless steel jewelry does contain some nickel but it is still considered hypoallergenic
  • stainless steel jewelry is much more affordable and in many cases looks exactly like sterling silver
  • stainless steel jewelry resists scratching
  • stainless steel jewelry is super easy to clean-all you need is warm water, absolutely no jewelry cleaner
  • stainless steel jewelry is great for wearing at the beach or playing sports
fidget ring spin
fidget ring spin

2. Brass jewelry pros and cons

  • Joint stiffness and joint pain

Copper BraceletsThousands of people have felt relief and relaxation from joint problems, especially those with joint stiffness. Conditions such as osteoarthritis are chronic in nature, and this applies to rheumatoid arthritis as well. Wearing copper accessories is believed to emanate the required healing energies within the body. Worn on the wrist as a bracelet or on the finger like a ring, wearers have reported a marked improvement in their condition. Although not medically verified, it must be said that there are invisible properties in this universe beyond the capture of medicine! The copper ring benefits astrology and is also widely regarded as a means to ward off negative energy and bring in positive change.

The anti-inflammatory properties of copper reduce pain associated with arthritis. This fact has been advocated by the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine. Shopping for a simple copper bracelet online can be the difference between pain and comfort. No alternative medicine is backed by conventional scientific theory. These are ‘invisible’ sciences and have been proven to be effective for thousands of years. Wearing a copper ring or bracelet is a very simple and inexpensive way to ward off potentially threatening medical conditions.

  • Mineral absorption

A pure copper bracelet has micro minerals such as iron and zinc. When they combine with sweat on the skin, they are absorbed into the bloodstream in appropriate quantities. This gives rise to mineral supplementation, a fact confirmed by Scientia Press researchers. Those who are anemic or have problems with iron and zinc deficiency can consider this simple and effective alternative treatment methodology. Theoretically, minerals absorbed through the body’s sweat are absorbed better than minerals taken through supplements. When minerals are absorbed through sweat, they enter the bloodstream directly, without going to the liver. Copper ring benefits astrology advocates the same – wear copper and let the body absorb it rather than forcing the body to absorb it.

  • Increasing cardiovascular health

The deficiency of copper and its properties may cause aortic aneurysms. Studies show that lack of copper can cause an imbalance in the body which leads to increased blood cholesterol levels. The cumulative effects of this are damage to the heart and arteries. Copper is known to cross-link fibers, collagen, and elastin to be specific, and without this cross-linking, the onset of aortic aneurysms is rapid. Considering that elastin fibers encapsulate major portions of the aorta and surrounding regions, copper is a bare necessity to ensure that these fibers remain intact. So shopping for a copper bracelet online and wearing it is a simple and long-term, slow but sure process to ensure long-term cardiovascular health.

  • Healthier immune system

Copper, when worn on the wrist or finger, gets absorbed in very small and negligible quantities into the bloodstream. This process creates a physiological balance in the body. Copper can negate the toxic effects of several other high-toxicity metals in the body. These apart, copper triggers a response from the enzymes that help the body create hemoglobin. So purchase a copper bracelet online and wear it right away – better late than never.

  • Anti-aging

Copper possesses anti-oxidant properties which prevent free ions and radicals from raising the toxicity within the body. The anti-aging properties of copper are as well-known and historically renowned as the copper ring benefits astrology. By improving the density of collagen and elastic fibers, copper slows the aging process – not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. Don’t just look young, but feel young and energetic.

3. Benefits of 925 sterling silver jewelry

  • Durable form of jewelry

When you take care of this form of jewelry in a proper manner, sterling silver can last for a lifetime. Sterling silver owners are aware of the fact that the pieces will still look the same even after forty years. Some of your favorite pieces can become an heirloom in the future ahead. High-quality 925 sterling silver isn’t cheap. The cost makes it up owing to the durability of the metal that makes it ideal for daily wear.

  • Stay trendy with sterling silver jewelry

Jewelry trends keep on changing every now and then. Sterling silver is something that never goes out of trend. So, if you are planning to keep up with the trends, sterling silver is something that you must buy. Even if the design changes, sterling silver will always be a part of the trend. Recently, stones and uncut minerals are pretty much in fashion. These stones or minerals can be set on sterling silver jewelry to make it look fashionable.

  • Non-reactive metal for you

Sterling silver comprises 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of copper which makes it hard metal for jewelry items. There is no nickel in the composition of sterling silver which makes it one of the most non-reactive varieties of all the precious metals that exist. So if you are allergic to nickel or brass, sterling silver jewelry is the right option for you. Pieces made of inexpensive nickel or brass can irritate your skin which is not the case with sterling silver. Especially, for earrings, this can be a huge problem where there is a chance of getting infected when a jewelry item has nickel or brass in it. So, sterling silver can be considered a good option that is hypoallergenic in nature and is ideal for sensitive skin.

  • Versatile form of jewelry

Sterling silver is regarded as one of the most versatile forms of jewelry. It can go well for your office parties, a wedding party, or for a small family outing. Silver adds a classy, elegant touch to your look making it one of the most versatile forms of jewelry. Its versatility makes it look good with other forms of metals too. You can mix and match a silver piece with white gold or platinum making it ideal for any sort of occasion.

  • Endless options are there to choose

Since silver is a soft metal, jewelers mold and experiment with this metal to make varied designs of this form of jewelry. The wide range of styles and designs available for this form of jewelry makes it easy for one to choose the one they wish. So, sterling silver always comes with an array of options for you to choose from. Be it a locket, pendant, bracelet, or earring- endless options are available for you to choose from. 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale market offers you the best of designs at an affordable rate for you to choose from.

  • A real value for money

Investing in a piece of sterling silver jewelry at a reasonable price can be considered as value for money. It is something that would remain just the same even after years if maintained properly. It is one of the whitest and brightest metals that you will love to include in your jewelry wardrobe. Compliments are expected to pour in every time when you go for one such exquisitely designed sterling silver jewelry. The sterling silver jewelry can be paired up with precious gemstones, white gold, or platinum to give it any desired look that you like. It is an asset for your wardrobe and a real value for money considering how beautiful and elegant it looks on any skin tone.

  • Easy to maintain

Sterling silver does not require excessive maintenance hassles. There is no fear of tarnish or rust with time. You just need to wipe and clean the piece of jewelry with a cloth and your jewelry would shine like never before. So, for people who do not have too much time to maintain their jewelry, sterling silver is the ideal option.

4. Benefits of tungsten jewelry

  • Top Benefits of Tungsten Rings

As one of the most durable metals available, tungsten offers superior resistance to scratching and tarnishing. Furthermore, this rare and exotic metal offers a permanent polish that never loses its shine. Looking for versatility in terms of the most important piece of jewelry you will ever wear? Look no further, because the natural gunmetal gray color of tungsten can be plated in black, white, or even gold. You can easily achieve the look of precious metals, such as white gold or platinum, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Disadvantages of Choosing a Tungsten Ring

Similar to diamonds, tungsten carbide provides superior scratch resistance and durability. However, this resilient material will crack if enough pressure is applied. Another drawback to choosing tungsten rings is that they cannot be resized as your finger swells or changes over time. If you are an electrician or work with electrical components on a daily basis, tungsten may not be the best choice for you. This material features moderate electrical conductivity properties and any ring made of it should be removed prior to working with electricity. Contrary to popular belief, tungsten carbide can be removed with a professional jeweler’s saw in the event of an emergency or swelling. If you choose a black tungsten ring or a wedding band with colored plating, your ring may require replating in the future.

5. Titanium jewelry pros and cons

Titanium is a more resistant material, it doesn’t rust and it weighs a lot less than gold in any of its variants. Titanium rings are difficult to scratch and bend out of shape, therefore perfect for those who are afraid of damaging their rings. Titanium has a matte finish, therefore rings in titanium will not shine as much as those made of gold or platinum.

  • Comfort-Lightweight vs Hefty of titanium jewelry pros and cons

Titanium is lighter in weight than gold, silver, and especially Damascus steel. That’s just the nature of the beast. If you are a man who needs a ring that won’t weigh down his hands when he sets himself to a manly task, this is a point in titanium’s favor. You get more rings per ounce, plain and simple.

This also means that, for a man that needs or wants to actually feel his ring on his finger, titanium may not be quite right. That same Damascus steel, or even tungsten carbide, offers a much more solid heft for an equivalent size ring. If you require a ring that makes its presence known, you may need to look elsewhere.

  • Durability-Toughness of titanium jewelry pros and cons

The other con to note is that, with most alternative metals, titanium is not resizable. For a man who finds his fingers growing or shrinking as time marches on, titanium may not be the best fit, although a thorough sizing with our Manly Ring Sizer can make the whole process a bit easier. They can be difficult to fit as they cannot be soldered, so make sure to order the right size!

  • Price Point-Cost of titanium jewelry pros and cons

For a heavy-duty, yet lightweight wedding band material, titanium is surprisingly inexpensive. It comes in cheaper than gold or silver, which makes it a great option for a budget-conscious gentleman. It also makes those add-ons and inlays easier to contemplate, as even a fancy hybrid won’t wreck your wallet like a similar gold or silver-based ring would.

But, do be careful with just how intricate the design gets. As we said, titanium is not easily molded. Titanium rings cannot have prong settings that traditional engagement rings have unless the prong setting is made from another metal. Therefore intricate etchings and the like won’t come cheap. Even the most basic ring-making techniques become more expensive, so letting the design get too elaborate can counteract that formerly low price point.

  • titanium jewelry pros and cons for fitness

When it comes to picking out a wedding band, an engagement ring, or a promise ring, a lot of individuals will choose to go with a titanium ring simply because they love the style. With its smooth, silver-white color and impeccable durability. But did you know that titanium jewelry can actually offer more than just good looks? We bet that you’d never be able to guess that wearing titanium can actually be supremely beneficial to your health.

Not many individuals realize this, but the human body is home to a constant flow of electricity, which is related to the muscular and nervous systems. To break it down, our cells are actually made up of atomic and electronic nuclei, with the latter emitting both positive and negative charges. In a perfect world, these charges will work with each other to maintain a balance throughout the body. However, considering the number of electrical appliances we are surrounded by every day, (and the electromagnetic waves they give off) it’s very easy for that balance to be disrupted. When that happens, we can begin to experience a number of different symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, ringing ears, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, etc.

So what does wearing titanium jewelry have anything to do with maintaining the electrical balance within our bodies? Well, a lot actually. With its strong ionizing effects, titanium promotes a balanced electrical current throughout the body better than any other metal and helps to counteract the negative electromagnetic waves in our environment. As a result, the wearer will notice reduced muscle stiffness/pain and even an improved metabolism.

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