What are the Pros and Cons of the Morganite Engagement Rings?

When looking for a more unconventional engagement ring, many brides-to-be have their eyes on morganite. The sparkling pink gemstone is an on-trend alternative to the traditional diamond, and it boasts its fair share of advantages over your typical engagement ring. Rest assured, this beautiful and feminine stone will make just as much of a statement as any glittering diamond.

What Is Morganite?

Morganite is a pink semiprecious stone in the beryl family. The hue can range from orange to coral to salmon to subtle pink, although you’ll notice light peachy pink is the most common.

It might be trending at the moment, but morganite certainly isn’t new. It was first discovered on the coast of Madagascar in 1910. “The name ‘morganite’ was first suggested for a variety of pink beryl by George Frederick Kunz, in honor of the financier J.P. Morgan,” explains certified demonologist Kim Kanary. “This was due to his love of gemstones and in appreciation of his important gem gifts to various museums around the world.”

Meet the expert

  • Kim Kanary is a certified demonologist and vice president of community development and engagement at JTV.
  • Olivia Landau is a diamond expert, GIA graduate gemologist, fourth-generation jeweler, and founder of The Clear Cut.
  • We spoke to Kanary and diamond expert Olivia Landau about what makes this gemstone so unique.

Interested in learning more about morganite engagement rings? Keep reading below.

The Pros And The Cons of Morganite Engagement Rings

Pros of Morganite


This beautiful stone is incredibly affordable, which means you get more pretty stone for your buck. Instead of buying a tiny diamond for a few hundred dollars, brides-to-be are choosing to spend less and get a larger, prettier stone. It sometimes makes more sense to use that money towards a purchase of a home, so you can start a family sooner.

Sparkly and Shiny

One of the biggest pros of the Morganite ring is the fact that it’s so sparkly and shiny. Whether it’s in natural sunlight or overhead lighting in an office, the ring will catch the eye of everyone around you.

Unusual Stone

The delicate pale color of the stone is one that will garner a lot of compliments from strangers as well as people you know. In fact, many wearers of Morganite engagement rings have said they’re stopped by strangers who want to fawn over the ring. This might be a con depending on how often you want to get stopped to be asked about your ring!

Beautiful Colors

Morganite comes in a range of delicate, light colors from light, pale pink to a lovely violet. The two most common colors are pink and peach-pink or salmon-colored Morganites. Many people choose the more common pink Morganite for their engagement rings.

Cons of Morganite

Requires Regular Cleaning

One of the cons to having a Morganite ring is the fact that it seems to get dirty quickly. Some wearers report that they have to clean it twice a week to keep the stone looking sparkly and beautiful. Others have reported that they don’t have to clean the stone when they make sure to remove it when applying hand lotion. Luckily, the jewelry is easy to clean. A soft toothbrush and soapy water will do the trick.

Needs a Sturdy Setting

While the stone is a 7.5 on the Mohs Scale, that’s more than a few points below the strength of a diamond. The edges of the Morganite stone could easily chip if it’s banged around on a daily basis. This requires a protective setting around the Morganite. A stunning alternative to a prong setting is to use a halo of diamonds to protect the pink stone.

Varying Quality

The quality of the stone can dictate the price. There is no certification from GIA to protect the customer, but some have other ratings to help the customer make a decision based on the quality. You want one that doesn’t have visible inclusions. Be wary of a stone that is incredibly cheap since it’s likely to have flaws.

What to Look for in a Morganite Engagement Ring?

Rose-gold is a great metal color that will enhance the color of the stone itself. Even if you choose another type of metal for the band, the jeweler can make a collet in rose-gold, so you’ll still get the enhancement.

Many Morganite stones are heat-treated to really enhance the color of the stone. Keep this in mind when purchasing. You might want a pale color as opposed to a more vibrant pink or peach. Heat treatment doesn’t diminish the stone in any way.

Some people who purchase Morganite rings won’t wear them on a daily basis to protect the ring. Others are very careful with their ring, and it lasts for years without an issue.

Choosing a Morganite ring for your engagement is a personal decision that you’ll have to make for yourself. You should determine how hard you are on your rings, and whether you’ll want to clean them twice a week. It’s simple to make the cleaning part of your morning routine since it’s quick and simple to use a small toothbrush on it.

What setting works best for this type of stone? Because morganite is a soft stone, it’s essential that the setting keeps it secure, says Landau. Opting for a four- or six-prong setting is a safe bet for protecting your morganite stone. Remember to check your prongs every six to 12 months to ensure they don’t become weak or damaged over time.

Which of the 4Cs should you prioritize?

Color is very important because the various hues can completely change the style and look of your ring. However, carat is equally as important. The color is often dependent on it. “Morganites typically have deeper color saturation in larger sizes, so you may want to increase your carat weight requirements to achieve the color you desire,” says Kanary.

When choosing Morganites in more than 2 carats, it’s important to ensure that the stone is properly protected in its setting. Don’t choose a ring with only four prongs. It’ll easily break or chip and potentially fall out of its setting.

How can I tell if the stone is high quality? Morganite should be clean to the eye without any imperfections or marks. Flaws can lessen the quality of morganite and make it less desirable.

At some point in the life of the stone, it may have to be re-polished or resurfaced. A professional jeweler should be contacted to perform that service. The Morganite stone can last for over 20 years without needing to be resurfaced.

Setting styles

Morganite is versatile, so you should feel free to consider a wide range of styles. If you aren’t sure exactly what you want, we recommend two popular options:

  • Rose gold settings look great with morganite because the metal color reflects off the stone, amplifying its pink color.
  • Diamond halos and diamond accent stones offer another way to enhance the look of a center morganite. The colorless diamonds create eye-catching sparkle and visual contrast that highlights the color of the morganite center stone.

Morganite Care and Cleaning

Caring for your beautiful Morganite jewelry is easy. Because Morganite is 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, it is a relatively hardy gemstone. Follow these basic guidelines for Morganite Care and Cleaning, and your Morganite Jewelry will stay beautiful for generations to come.

Pink Sapphire offers stronger color

This pear shape pink sapphire features more intense color saturation than can be found in morganite, as well as a purple secondary hue that’s typical of pink sapphire.

Morganite comes in popular colors, at a reasonable price, with great wearability so it’s rare that customers look for alternatives. The main reason to look at other stones is for a more vivid color. Even a highly saturated morganite is light in color relative to gemstones that can reach more intense color shades like emerald, ruby, and sapphire. We recommend pink sapphire for customers that want a more vivid pink option. Note that pink sapphire is slightly purplish-pink rather than the pure pink or peachy pink that’s found in morganite. But, much as we love sapphire, morganite is the more popular choice. This is an alternative we mention only for those customers that want an extra-strong pink.

Morganite is too light for small accents

All gems tend to get lighter as they get smaller. A light gem-like morganite tends to look so light at small sizes as to appear nearly colorless (like the top row of the image below). For customers looking for light pink accents, we recommend getting a lighter tone of pink sapphire (like the bottom row in the image below). Morganite is an excellent center stone, but we generally don’t recommend it for small accents.


Anytime you take your Morganite jewelry off, store it in a safe, secure place. Place it in a jewelry pouch or your jewelry box so that it won’t get scratched or bumped against other pieces of jewelry.


We recommend always cleaning your Morganite jewelry with our Jewelry Cleaner. Why? The company that makes our jewelry cleaner was founded by a gentleman that loved creating opal jewelry. But opals are so sensitive to chemicals that finding a safe jewelry cleaner was next to impossible. So the formula he created for our jewelry cleaner is specifically made so that it is safe with every diamond and gemstone there is. So you never have to worry about damaging your jewelry while cleaning it!

Before you use the soft brush to clean your jewelry, check for loose stones. Just in case a stone is loose, you should always brush your jewelry over a bowl so that if a stone falls out, it can be retrieved and replaced.

Another thing we offer that makes cleaning even easier and deeper is our Ultrasonic Cleaner

If your morganite just isn’t quite coming clean, treat yourself to a professional cleaning once in a while. Nothing quite replaces our years of experience in bringing back the sparkle and shine to your beautiful jewelry!

One thing of note. From the feedback from our customers, certain cosmetics or lotions may be more likely to stick to morganite than others. When this happens, the morganite can become dull-looking. The morganite itself is fine, it just gets a layer on it that usually will come off with our cleaner. But sometimes it takes a professional cleaning to remove it.

For those of you who choose morganite for budget reasons, or for its meaning, the extra cleanings are well worth it. Or some have chosen to upgrade to sapphire which is discussed in this blog。


  • Light heat exposure should not affect Morganite, but more intense heat exposure can fade its color.
  • Morganite can be cleaned in ultrasonic or steam cleaners, but use caution as it can exaggerate existing fractures in the stone.
  • Do not expose Morganite to hydrofluoric acid.
  • Kanary recommends cleaning it about once every six months or so. She adds that you should also check the prongs to make sure it’s securely set whenever you clean it.

How much do morganite engagement rings cost?

Alright, now you know what you want. How much will it cost? Despite growing popularity, morganite remains of great value. Most of our customers end up spending $300-950 on their morganite. 0.5-1ct stones in lighter color saturation are at the bottom of the range and 2ct+ stones in vivid pinks are at the top of the range. 2.5-4ct stones can be a bit more, typically costing $800-1800.

We work directly with morganite cutters to offer top-quality morganite at great prices. By eliminating middlemen, we’re able to offer exceptional value straight from our private collection.

Morganite VS Diamond What Should You Go For ?

Back in 2002, movie star Ben Affleck proposed to actress and musician Jennifer Lopez with a pink diamond ring in what was one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrity couple moments, and since then pink and peachy-colored gemstones have become hot jewelry trend. Many people are looking beyond the traditional diamond engagement rings for less expensive, pink, or peach sparkly stones like morganite.

Morganite is a pretty rare, semi-precious stone of the Beryl family (which includes emerald and aquamarine) that comes in a pink or peach shade. Named after famous gem collector and industrialist J.P Morgan, the stones’ warm overtones, aesthetic and financial appeal have made it a gemstone of choice for women today, matching the styles and personalities better than diamonds, although diamond is still a cult-classic when choosing luxury jewelry.

Morganite is considered a perfect alternative to pink diamonds and is perfect for engagement rings, embodies femininity, romance, love, warmth, tenderness, and beauty. However, morganite and diamond are two gems that could be difficult to choose between, but let’s see which of these stones would be best for you.


It is well known that diamonds are the conventional jewelry option for engagement rings. Using them for engagement rings is a century-old tradition. They are known as a girl’s best friend and are chosen by women most of the time for ring stones.

However, if you are looking for something unique that stands out in the crowd and gives a unique luster, then a morganite ring is a perfect choice. Diamonds are so traditional, there is a likelihood you won’t be spotting jewelry any different from friends, In fact, it is possible your parents, grand-parent chose diamonds for their rings, but with morganite, you might be the cynosure of all eyes because your ring is special.


Diamonds are not the traditional engagement ring stone for nothing. They are prestigious and morganite stones are not as prestigious as they are. This might mean people will not be as fascinated with a morganite ring as they would with a diamond ring. However, personal preferences and setting of the stone factors in how the stone might appear.


Morganite has an alluring and romantic appeal because of its pale shades of violet and pink. It makes for a great setting against rose gold or yellow gold for an engagement ring. Rose gold morganite bridal sets have been very popular lately. Diamonds on the other hand have a special look of bright, sparkling brilliance, unfortunately, it is very difficult to find pink diamonds or those with the peach shade of morganite.


If you are looking for gemstone jewelry that is suitable for most outfits, that gem is diamond! They go with any color and type of outfit. This is mostly so for the colorless varieties but with the more colored ones, it gets harder to match with outfits. This brings us to morganite. It has shades of peach and violet and therefore can be matched with a handful of colored clothes like pastel-colored clothes, black or white.


Diamond is the hardest gemstone on earth, at 10 on the Moh’s scale. This means it is very durable and resistant to inclement conditions. Morganite is not as resistant to scratches, hits as diamond is. However, they are also durable and when handled with care, you can enjoy your piece of jewelry for a really long time.

Price & Value

Morganite excels most here. Morganites are a lot less cheap and affordable compared to diamonds. Their overall value while displaying elegance is why morganite engagement rings have become so popular.

If you are looking for a great engagement ring that is also affordable, morganites are the right option for you. Ensure you check out prices before ordering from the store. In some instances, treated morganites can cost as much as diamonds even though they are not as valuable because the semi-precious stone is special.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Morganite stones tend to get dirty pretty quickly which means the stone has to be cleaned often, sometimes as often as twice weekly. This is if you really want them to continue looking sparkly. However, they are not difficult to clean. To do this, use a toothbrush and soapy water. See how to clean morganite rings.

Diamonds, however, don’t need consistent cleaning and thus are low maintenance. They are able to remain clean and brilliant for long periods. However, cleaning them requires a jewelry professional to handle which might be a downside for some people.

This article highlights several important things to know about diamonds and morganites. It’s up to you to choose between both. Remember if you are looking for a high-quality budget stone for your engagement ring, you should settle for morganite.

Morganites go against the norm. They are not the traditional diamonds for engagement rings, so are unique and will make you stand out from the crowd. If you decide to settle for morganite jewelry, then ensure to keep its 4 C’s in mind, they include:

  1. Color: Morganite color is more intense when the stone is larger. Darker stones are generally more expensive and the most popular ones are the ones with strong pink and peach shades.
  2. Cut: Morganites come in different cuts and shapes just like diamonds. These cuts never alter their quality or appearance.
  3. Clarity: While morganites are not perfect, visible inclusions or flaws are rarely found in them unlike with diamonds. In some instances, inclusions can be seen with the naked eye in large and sizable morganite stones but if you pick a jewelry with faceted morganites, you will most likely find zero flaws.
  4. Carat: Large morganite stones can be bought for a fraction of the price of some small diamonds and you will still get an outstanding piece of jewelry. However, most morganite stone carats match luxury jewelry designs.

Review individual stones

We’ve covered a lot here about what’s important in a morganite. This may be obvious, but to choose the right stone it’s critical to review high-resolution images of your exact morganite! Make sure you’re selecting your individual stone, not buying off of a stock photo.

We photograph our morganites in a controlled lighting environment designed specifically to capture gemstones with true-to-life color. That way you can determine the shade and the saturation of pink that’s right for you. Our gem specialists often talk to customers about spotting “the one” — because, once you’ve considered color and shape and size and budget, what ultimately matters is which one catches your eye and feels like the perfect morganite for your ring!



Sophie is a fashion&jewelry lover. She is also a fashion jewelry manufacturer that helps thousands of small businesses to grow and also do business with some big fashion jewelry brands. She is a true jewelry expert and she will keep sharing some information you are looking for.

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