What Does Wearing Sexual Collar Symbolize? How Many Types of the Sexual Collar?

Sexual Collars can have a large number of implications in a D/s relationship. They can show proprietorship, commitment, or acquiescence, and can be just about as significant as a wedding band. They can be fundamental for certain sorts of BDSM ways of life, or simply add flavor to an all-around fun, unusual meeting.

Be that as it may, what might be said about wearing a sexual collar outside of a relationship? As a result of these relationship-and accomplice status settings, many individuals are feeling deterred from wearing a sexual collar only for themselves.

Some in the way of life might inquire, “Consider the possibility that I don’t have a Master/Mistress at this moment. Would I be able to in any case where a sexual collar?” The appropriate response is that somebody who’s rockin’ their singlehood can wear one, however many individuals are disheartened by the undertones of their relationship status to brandish their own. Some potential wearers may feel like it should be skilled to them or probably it wouldn’t be a “genuine” collar.

Here are a few justifications for why you should quit thinking often about what a sexual collar “should” mean and enhance yourself with one of your own in the event that you feel like it:

How Does It Feel To Wear Sexual Collar ?

Kate Sloan, bloggess of GirlyJuice, composes for Kinkly: “In any event, when I’m single, sexual collars bring me solace. They’re similar to consolation from a speculative future accomplice, or from the most valiant piece of my internal identity.”

What Does Wearing Sexual Collar Symbolize?

Sexual Collars make an impression on others concerning what sort of wrinkle or way of life you’re into. Various sexual collars have various implications to various gatherings and can clarify better compared to words what sort of jobs or have you’re willing to take influence in.

The wonder of feeling tense and amazing while in a vanilla setting. Wear them with whatever causes you to feel aroused and imposing.

Match unobtrusive day-wear sexual collars to your outfit so nobody however you realizes what it’s for, similar to a provocative minimal mystery.

Or on the other hand, exceed everyone’s expectations and draw the looks of inquisitive vanilla people. Wear something noisy and frightening to bystanders: possibly a gigantic spiked cowhide sexual collars with little cat chimes and neon-shaded trim, with a label that says “ME” (as the response to “who claims you?” obviously).

Simply feeling pretty – Maybe that rose gold sexual collar makes your complexion gleam, your spots sparkle like stars, and is entirely on the money with the remainder of your outfit. Who says that an assertion piece needs to say something? Wear this is on the grounds that you and the collar are adorable as hell together.

Figuring out how to cherish yourself first – This is significant regardless of your relationship status. Catching yourself is an enabling update that you are your own proprietor – you’re the just one accountable for your own body and psyche. Wearing that sexual collar allows you to cherish and ensure yourself, and advises you that you personally merit each ounce of energy it takes to keep up with and recollect that affection.

Let’s assume you got yourself that ideal sexual collar all things considered – you know the one, that stunning ravishing sexual collar that made you become flushed when you saw it. What’s going on?

You can have an apprehending service obviously.

Catching functions are not the sole property of those seeing someone. They’re representative and significant, yet it’s a function you can have with yourself as well. Here’s the ticket:

  1. Light a couple of candles to set a state of mind.
  2. Before a mirror, place the sexual collar on yourself.
  3. Appreciate how great you examine it.
  4. Then, at that point, make a guarantee to yourself that you will be given to yourself and care for yourself with affection and which means, as any great and legitimate proprietor would.
  5. Then, at that point, wink at your appearance, since you’re attractive in that sexual collar.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Wears A Collar?

Guys Wearing Collars They Put On Themselves To Indicate Their Submissive Nature. Little guy Collars, Some With Locks And Some Not, To Indicate Pup Status, But Not Necessarily With Any Power Dynamic Attached To It. Collars With Open Locks Indicating They’re Open To The Idea Of Someone Taking Control (locking The Lock).

Once upon a time, at least in the gay men’s leather scene, collars were not a common sight. Occasionally you would see a guy wearing a locked chain collar and you figured the key was held by someone else. There were a few permutations of this concept, but generally, that’s what you thought. Today, that assumption can lead to a lot of miscommunications. Especially with so many people wearing collars with varying meanings. Hopefully, this column will clear up some potential misunderstandings regarding collars and make navigating them within our scene a bit easier.

I currently observe collars worn to indicate a wide variety of meanings in our contemporary scene, such as:

  • Partners wear matching collars as a symbol of their partnership (not necessarily dominant/submissive in nature).
  • Guys wearing collars they put on themselves to indicate their submissive nature.
  • Pup collars, some with locks and some not, to indicate pup status, but not necessarily with any power dynamic attached to it.
  • Collars with open locks indicate they’re open to the idea of someone taking control (locking the lock).
  • Chain collars with no lock (dog style choker collars for example) worn simply to engender a masculine look telegraphing an interest in edgier sex or kink.
  • Leather thongs tied in a knot around the neck are used as a trial “dating” collar.
  • Collars that symbolize boy status, but with no ownership attached.
  • Collars that symbolize a dominant/submissive relationship, but not necessarily ownership.
  • Collars that symbolize a master/slave relationship, indicating ownership.

And many other variations. In short, the meanings of a collar have changed and people have adapted them to suit their own particular erotic or identity needs.

How Many Types of the Sexual Collar?


A regular leather sexual collar, the kind you might get for your doggo as well. Generally considered to be cheap and an uh… amateurish. Has some particular connotations with pet play. Really you should try to get something better.


The silver standard of sexual collars. This is a small leather belt with padding on the inside for added comfort and safety. If sexual collars were ice cream flavours, this one would be vanilla. Since collars like this are generally meant for BDSM, they come with many variants and with additional features/accessories, like loops to which leaches or chains can be attached to, studs, chain necklaces, tags, the sort. If you are going to get an “engagement” sexual collar, this is one of the two common types. And if your dom is good and has the funds, it’s likely going to be one of those “specially fitted” sexual collars.


A choker is actually not BDSM gear, in case you don’t know what this even refers to. It’s just a decoration worn around the neck. Some chokers can actually fall into the previous two categories, but most of the time a choker is going to be something more delicate and light. It might be something like lace, or a ribbon, or a relatively delicate band of leather. Chokers can be worn because they are cute, or because you want a stand-in for a sexual collar but you don’t want people to see you are wearing a sexual collar. Like during uncle Bob’s funeral. They tend to be an even lighter experience than most sexual collars, but again, it depends what you are used to, due to some chokers being mildly elastic they can feel tighter. Especially if you happen to be used to something stiffer and more substantial. That’s just how our brains work.


Like the header suggests, we’re talking about a relatively thin and delicate metal hoop that goes around your neck. These sexual collars are generally considered to be “slave jewellery” and are the second most common type used as engagement wear. They are somehow fixed in place around your neck. Like with a tiny padlock, a bolt, threading or whatever else works. Due to their delicate nature, they can get away with having only one binding point, and you can flex yourself out of them. They are not particularly intrusive, but they are delicate enough where rougher play using them is not advised. The last thing you want is bending one around your neck like a sausage in an oversized hairclip.


Ok, let’s get to more fetish material. A heavy metal sexual collar is generally a two-part, completely rigid sexual collar. The two parts might completely come apart or be held together with a hinge on one side. This is not a sexual collar you should wear for long, it’s generally put on for a play session and then taken off. They tend to be (intentionally) uncomfortable. They do not lock tightly around your neck, so they really rest on the base of your neck. This is one of the kinds most often associated with slavery play. Additionally, out of every type of sexual collar listed here, these are the most likely candidate for being part of some larger apparatus.


A particular kind of leather sexual collar. It is much broader than a regular one. At the very least it’s going to wrap around your whole neck. At the extreme, they reach almost to the chin on the upper edge and encroach onto the chest and back on the lower one. These sexual collars restrict the movement of your neck. They do not inhibit breathing, but they make it very hard and unpleasant to move your neck in any way. You will be very aware you are wearing such a sexual collar. They are the second type of sexual collar commonly associated with full-on slave play. The difference is that these are associated with parlour slavery and the metal ones with dungeon slavery. Posture sexual sexual collars usually get worked into more extensive leather/latex outfits. A specific subtype is the neck corset… it’s exactly what it sounds like, and no do not lace it uptight.


Ah yes, sexual collars made out of a chain, unpleasant and not particularly safe, I’d avoid. That’s all I’ll say.


Look, you know what this is, and damn straight some people put them on other people (or themselves). I’d disadvise. Generally, you don’t feel much unless it’s activated, I guess. Then you feel a lot, up to and including hearing cinnamon and smelling your poor life choices.


This is one of those weird sexual collar types you might have not encountered. It’s generally a padded sexual collar but has an inflatable ring in the inside padding. Could also look more like a posture sexual collar. They are used for breathplay (erotic (auto)asphyxiation). You should already know my thoughts on this.


Not actually a sexual collar, it’s more of a conventional piece of jewellery endowed with some kind of slave related symbol (like a small padlock, the insignia of your owner, a locket containing your standard Illuminati anal sex proficiency rating or really anything else that works for you on a psychological level). Similarly to chokers, they are for wearing in situations where you don’t want to or can’t wear a sexual collar but want to wear something that subtly suggests to the world that yes indeed, you are a damn fine piece of property.


If you snoop around the Internet, you will find this popping up pretty often. It’s not a specific design of the sexual collar, but a sexual collar you wear to signify that you don’t have an owner but don’t want to be a sexual collar either. Or are not ready to be. Or whatever. It’s mostly a bullshit thing that seems to be copied from person to person. There’s no universal code of BDSM if any rules exist they are either between two people or in the case of group play something the host decides upon. Assuming this kind of sexual collar is at all recognised by others is… generally not going to work out for you well. Ask about the rules first. Or if it’s a personal matter between you and someone else, just do what you want.

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