What Happens When Your Evil Eye Bracelet Falls off?

Evil eye bracelets are a very powerful symbol of protection, and their breaking is an indication that the evil eye has been focused on you. It’s either drawn by you or someone who wishes harm to you. You might think that this would be an obvious sign that bad luck will happen if it is broken, but what actually happens after your evil eye bracelet breaks depends on how old the evil eye bead was.

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Falls off & Broken Evil Eye Bracelet

What Does It Mean If Your Evil Eye Bracelet Falls Off?

When your evil eye bracelet falls off it means that it cannot hold and absorb the negativities anymore. It already takes enough misfortunes that it can hold.

What Does It Mean If Evil Eye Necklaces Falls Off?

Just like evil eye bracelets, when your evil eye necklace falls off, it means that it cannot absorb the negativities around you anymore.

What Does It Mean When An Evil Eye Cracks?

When an evil eye cracks, it means that it served its purpose of protecting the wearer or the owner. In Turkish culture, it is believed that when an Evil Eye cracks it means that the bad or negative energy is diverted into the amulet and away from you.

How Did Your Evil Eye Bracelet Break?

If your evil eye bracelet was snapped accidentally (you threw it carelessly on the table and it fell off) while some other person was at fault (like when you dropped it into the sink while cooking dinner), then bad luck can definitely be expected over the next month or so. How “bad the luck will be”, depends on how evil your evil eye bracelet was.

If you are not sure of any evil eyes, then this section might help you determine what kind of evil eye bracelet it was.

What does it mean when your Evil Eye Bracelet breaks?

Your evil eye bracelet can break whenever it has fully absorbed evil energy around you.

Negative energies

You can’t get away from a pessimistic climate however long you relate with individuals’ day today and go to certain spots. In actuality, at your specific employment, school, a business commercial center, etc, you can’t get away from the negative energies zooming around. Here and there, this energy influences us. It draws in misfortune to us and makes things go south when we wouldn’t dare hope anymore. This is the justification for why you want a stink eye armband. With practically no defensive spell or appeal around you, you will be presented to the negative energy zooming around you – assuming you are in some unacceptable climate. You want to safeguard yourself from such. Albeit, the universe can send soul creatures and different mediums to you.

However, what happens if you do not pay attention or if your mind was not receptive enough to pick the signal? – You will become exposed.

This is why the evil eye bracelet is a good alternative. As long as you have it on your hand, you don’t have to be sensitive to any message or signs around. The evil eye bracelet will do a perfect job of protecting you from negative energy. You do not have to bother about being hurt by negativity. Every negative energy or charge coming at you will be absorbed by the evil eye bracelet. The evil eye bracelet serves as a substitute. Therefore, you will not be affected by the negativity around you.

The bracelet limits

There is a limit to what the evil eye bracelet can absorb. As much as this object is magical, it is fragile and can break.

Most times, when the evil eye bracelet breaks, it might be due to one of the following reasons:

  • It has finished its task by completely engrossing all the pessimism around you. It has completely protected you from negative energies. Consequently, you are free. Most times, when this occurs, the stink eye wristband will break. Consequently, at whatever point your hostile stare arm band breaks, it is an indication that it has finished its task by protecting you from pessimism.
  • If your evil eye bracelet has taken in too much energy than its capacity can bear, it will break. As I have stated earlier, the evil eye bracelet has a limit to what it can take in. whenever it gets to this limit, it will break and become ineffective. There might still be negative energies in the air, but the evil eye bracelet will not be able to absorb that energy because it has reached its limit. Therefore, whenever your evil eye bracelet breaks apart, then it is a sign that too much energy has been absorbed by your evil eye bracelet.

When this happens, do not be worried. There is a solution to this and I am going to reveal this to you as you read on.

A lot Envy

I have come to realize that everybody cannot like me. Most especially, when I am making progress. This is the reason why I try to protect myself from envious people with my evil eye bracelet. Whenever people are envious of you, it will become obvious because of how heavy and exposed you will begin to feel. From my experience, when I met a friend who envied my progress, I felt a heaviness in my chest. In addition to this, I felt very vulnerable. This got me scared. I had to consult a spiritualist, who told me to get an evil eye bracelet. The next time I showed up at this friend’s house, I did not feel any heaviness. My observation turned towards my evil eye bracelet and it was a little bit heavier.

This heaviness will not be felt by your arm unless you pay attention to it with an open mind. The next time I went to this friend’s place, I realized a crack in my evil eye bracelet.

This experience inspired me to research more on this, and I discovered a major truth. When there are too many envious people around you, your evil eye bracelet will break. The energy that comes from envy is strong enough to break your evil eye bracelet after a few encounters.

Therefore, whenever your evil eye bracelet breaks, it has absorbed too much envious energy and feelings towards you. This is telling you to be on your guard. People around you are too envious of your progress and they might want to hurt you.

Spiritual attacks

The evil eye bracelet shields you from spiritual attacks. It will break apart when it has absorbed too much than it can take. If an attack is staged against you consistently, your evil eye bracelet will break. However, from my experience, your evil eye bracelet will break when it has fully protected you from the attack that was meant for your harm. If the attack is from a lesser source of power, your evil eye bracelet will not break. However, if this attack is from a higher source of power, then it will break. It will successfully absorb the attack, and shield you from the effects, but it will break in the process.

Presence of enemies

The evil eye bracelet is meant to protect you from the “evil eye or evil stare”. Therefore, whenever you are in the presence of enemies, the evil eye is meant to protect you from their evil plans and spiritual attacks. However, whenever your evil eye bracelet breaks in the presence of enemies, then you are exposed to them. If your evil eye bracelet breaks in the presence of enemies, it means that the capacity of your bracelet to absorb the negative energies around has been exceeded. Most times, you might eventually become penetrable.

You were in a spiritually contaminated place

If you find yourself in a place where several sacrileges are made, your evil eye bracelet is meant to protect you from the impurity of such a place. Therefore, it will continue to absorb all the impurities and bad auras in this place. When it gets to its limit, your evil eye bracelet will break.


The evil eye bracelet is meant to protect you. Therefore, whenever the evil eye bracelet breaks, it is an indication that every harm, which was targeted towards you has been diverted from you. Most times, when the evil eye bracelet breaks on your hand, it is a sign that you are fully protected.

How Old Was Your Evil Eye Bracelet?

If your evil eye bracelet is brand new, it means something minor will change in your life for instance a little inconvenience like having to turn down coming home early from work or something of this nature. If it is one that you have had for a few years, it might mean something major is about to occur in your life… Expect some drastic changes!!

Should you wish to get a new one fast, please have a look at our evil eye bracelet collection. You’ll find all sorts of designs at various price points that are sure to satisfy any taste and budget.

What Kind Of Evil Eye Bracelet Was Broken?

  • If the evil eye on the bracelet is blue with a circle around it, then this almost certainly means that your evil eye bracelet broke because someone looked at you with jealousy or ill intent.

If there is no evil eye on the bracelet but instead just an image of another adornment (like flowers), then it usually means that there was never any evil at work. You dropped your evil eye bracelet by accident so all evil has been removed.

  • If the evil eye on the evil eye bracelet is red with a circle around it, then your evil eye bracelet broke because someone said something bad about you or wished you harm in some way.

It should be expected that this person will cause some degree of misfortune for you over the next few weeks.

How Can Someone Cause this Misfortune?

Some people (consciously or unconsciously) harbor ill feelings. When someone “gives you the evil eye” or looks at an object with an evil eye, they are putting a jinx on you or the object. A “jinx” is a type of curse placed on a person or thing that makes them or an object fall prey to misfortune or other forms of bad luck.

We can’t continuously know when somebody might be giving us or an item the stink eye and for that reason, a hostile stare enchant is worn or conveyed or put in or close to an item to safeguard it. Commonly, our thought process is a great or kind remark from somebody, can rather be moving the stink eye revile. For instance, “I like your new telephone” said by somebody that might be holding onto inward pessimistic considerations or sentiments, can make disaster the telephone – it breaks, glitches, and so forth.

This concealed envy, malevolence, or a wish for bad luck (whether it is intentional or involuntary) is transferred through the eyes of someone harboring these bad inner thoughts or feelings, and that is what causes the harm, distress, or bad luck.

Should a broken evil eye be replaced immediately?

Yes. A broken evil eye must be replaced immediately to have continuous protection from negativities. If you’re not wearing it, the negativities will be directed at you.

Can You Wear A Broken Evil Eye?

No, do not wear a broken evil eye because it doesn’t have power anymore. It must be properly disposed of and replaced with a new one.

Is It Bad To Wear A Broken Evil Eye?

It is not bad to wear a broken evil eye but it is better to put it away because it doesn’t have protection anymore.

A broken evil eye is not useful or powerful anymore. It will not also enhance the style or design of your jewelry and decorations.

What will happen to the wearer or owner when the evil eye breaks?

When the evil eye breaks, the wearer or owner will not have protection anymore.

What does it mean when an evil eye doesn’t break for a long time?

There is a positive and negative meaning behind this. The negative one is that it is not authentic and you have to buy a new one. The positive one is that it means that there are few or no negative energies around you.

Which Hand Was It On?

If it was on your right hand which is associated with evil and bad luck, and it broke, this means that something good will happen. However, if the evil eye bracelet was on your left hand, this means evil may have been coming your way but it has been diverted by you putting up the evil eye protection. In both cases, however, when the evil eye bracelet breaks, you should replace it as soon as possible because there might be more bad luck to follow.

If your evil eye bracelet is relatively new, then it’s possible that the evil eye charm has just broken. If you suspect that the evil eye charm has broken off recently, then perhaps your evil eye bracelet was not made well enough to last a long time.

A quick fix for this problem would be to remove the evil eye charm and add a new one over the threading. Threading may need to be done again if it breaks again and adding an extra layer of protection (two layers of evil eyes) can help keep one layer from breaking in case both charms end up falling off.

Should I buy a new one?

You have to ensure that your evil eye bracelet is original and not a fluke. Buying a new evil eye bracelet will further protect you from negative energy and malicious people around you. I will always suggest having more than one so that whenever the first bracelet breaks, you will start using the next one immediately,

Is the meaning of a broken evil eye based on scientific explanation or is it just superstition and tradition?

The evil eye started on Talisman’s culture and tradition. The meaning of the broken evil eye is mostly based on superstition and tradition. There are few scientific studies to explain it but it is too general and does not specify the evil eye.

Repair Broken Evil Eye Bracelet

Can I repair the broken evil eye?

You should not repair it because it doesn’t have protection anymore. You cannot do the right ritual to charge it with protection and it may also lead to disaster when done wrong. The best choice is to replace it with a new one.

Can I change the strings of the Evil Eye Bracelet when it breaks?

No. Don’t change the strings or any parts of it when it breaks because it doesn’t have protection anymore. When a part of it breaks, every piece attached to it must be replaced.

How Can I Make Evil Eye Accessories and Decorations Last Longer and Prevent Them from Breaking?

To make it last longer and to keep it from breaking, you should encircle yourself with positive individuals, things, and spots. You should create some distance from those individuals, things, and spots that have negative energy. Continuously know about your current circumstance, when you have a gloomy inclination or impulse, get away from it right away.

Evil Eye Jewelry Effect

Basically, the evil eye bracelet works as a talisman, a way to gather all negative energies into the evil eye neutralizing them before they reach you, your body, and your soul. Consider it as a shield from negativity.

The meaning of Different Evil Eye Colors

Different Evil Eye Colors Evil Eye Color Meaning
Authentic Bluethe authentic and original color of Evil Eye Amulet
BlackBlack color symbolizes Power
YellowYellow represents Joy & Optimism
WhiteWhite represents Wealth
TurquoiseTurquoise represents Good Health
PinkPink represents Love
CoralCoral represents Safety & Protection
Deep GreenDeep Green represents Happiness & Prosperity
Deep RedDeep Red represents Courage
Light BlueLight Blue represents Clean and Pure
BrownBrown color represents Stability
Light GreenLight Green represents Success

Who can utilize Evil Eye Amulets?

Hostile stare Protection for People

Whenever an individual wears or conveys an evil eye with them, it makes preparations for mishaps and terrible things occurring in one’s life. It assists with keeping your life in balance, shields you from “terrible karma” and malevolence that could some way or another negatively affect your prosperity or your life overall.

Evil eye Protection for an Object

At the point when somebody is desirous of an article you own, whether it is another vehicle, new house or that new phone you recently procured, this jealousy can make hardship the item making it be broken, destroyed, demolished, and so on here and there, either minor or major.

How does Evil Eye Work?

The evil eye is a “Karma Charm” accepted to “divert hostile stares”… and along these lines safeguards an individual or an item against adversity. The evil eye is a safeguard that protects elements against different types of misfortune that is willed onto you or an article by others. It is trusted that assuming your Evil Eye ornament breaks or breaks, it has taken care of its business of safeguarding you from some mishap or misfortune and ought to be supplanted! Convey a hostile stare with you consistently – You won’t ever know when somebody may be giving you the evil eye.

know more about red evil eye meaning

How might I make the most out of this strong ornament – Evil Eye?

Different structures and uses you can apply in your regular routine with this strong Amulet.

  • Hang a little Evil Eye ornament from the back view reflection of your vehicle
  • Keep an Evil Eye appeal or globule in your handbag or wallet
  • Put an Evil Eye wallhanging on or close to your entryway at home or office. Windows are one more incredible spot to hang a evil eye talisman or hostile stare inside decoration… the light radiates through the clear hostile stare glass.
  • Utilize an Evil Eye appeal or zipper pull on a coat, tote, duffel bag, rucksack or some other zipper.
  • Hostile stare shoe charms go wherever you go.
  • Add an Evil Eye appeal to a most loved watch band or wristband. You can likewise add an Evil Eye fascinate or a few different hostile stare charms to plain loop hoops.
  • A Colorful Mini Evil Eye Charm is extraordinary for appending to the conclusion catch on a jewelry or arm band.
  • Send a hello to companions with a Frameable Evil Eye Notecard. Simply add your own customized best of luck message. You can likewise add a gift outline with the notecard and they can later approach it for a hostile stare picture to hang anyplace!
  • Stick an Evil Eye Bead onto a light, connect one to your PC screen or some other embellishment in your home or around your work area at work.
  • The Evil Eye makes a breathtaking office gift as an Evil Eye Desktop Paperweight!
  • Improve a houseplant or an occasion tree with Evil Eye Amulets in arranged sizes. The lights on a vacation tree will radiate through the clear blue glass.
  • Remember your canine, feline or other pet! Carry them best of luck with an Evil Eye Pet Charm

How to wear the Evil Eye Bracelet correctly?

You can wear the evil eye bracelet on your left and right arm. However, there are a few things to consider.

  • The left arm is good for protection against emotional attacks. The reason for this is because the left side of your body has a deep connection to your emotional side. Therefore, if you wear the evil eye bracelet on your left arm, your emotional life will be protected.
  • The right arm is connected to your brain, which is the analytical part of your body. Therefore, it is generally believed that the evil eye bracelet will offer protection in your career, financial, and family life.

For style and fashion, wearing your evil eye bracelet on your left arm will complement your wristwatch.

Are negative energies the only factor that breaks the evil eye?

The negative energies are the top contributing elements that break the stink eye. Different variables break the hostile stare, for example, the nature of the materials utilized, the assembling system, and other wild powers.

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