Which Hand to Wear Evil Eye Bracelet?

Our suggestion is to wear it on your left arm. The left side of your body reflects your emotional side. It is also the side of your heart, so it is appropriate to wear it on the left arm to protect it from the evil eye. Also wearing it on your left arm could be a nice complement to your watch.

How do you make the evil eye bead?

Does the evil eye bracelet protect you?

What Does The Evil Eye Jewelry Mean?

Despite its presence as an increasingly popular jewelry trend globally, the Evil Eye is taken extremely seriously in cultures across the globe where belief in the curse is alive and well.

The evil eye is a remnant from the very dawn of civilization, harking back to some of humanity’s most enduring and profound beliefs. At almost every stage of history, the human race has looked for the assistance of magical objects called talismans or amulets to aid them in life and protect them from the unknown.

The symbol was first recorded by the Mesopotamians about 5,000 years ago but may actually have originated as early as the Upper Paleolithic age. We find this symbol in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim cultures as well as Buddhist and Hindu societies. It makes you think that the world is a small place and that we don’t think too differently from each other after all.

evil eyes
evil eyes

The Evil Eye Meaning

The evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by a jealous glare or some other negative energy, which is usually directed towards a person who is unaware. Many cultures believe that receiving an evil eye will cause one misfortune, bad luck, or injury. Jewelry, talismans, and amulets with the eye symbol were created to give the wearer protection against the evil eye.

Evil Eye Pendant Benefits

The overall benefits of the evil eye bracelet meaning are the belief that it protects the person wearing it from evil spirits and bad luck. Both an amulet and talisman, the eye symbol has the dual capabilities of providing you with both protection and power. Wearing this protective symbol for good fortune or as protection from the power of the evil negative energy is a cultural commonality amongst the believers.

We at Elevate Jewelry Co have a large selection of 925 sterling silver evil eye jewelry which include earrings, pendant necklaces, and bracelets. The eye if you choose to believe is to provide you with protection, strength, and vitality to guide and assist you with living harmoniously within our contemporary society.

Different Evil Eye Colors Meaning

To some people, the colors of evil eye jewelry are just based on what they like, but for others, they have specific spiritual meanings.

different colors of the evil eye mean
different colors of the evil eye pendants

View our gold evil eye hamsa bracelet

Different Color Evil eye Different Color Evil eye meaning
Pink evil eye meaningThe calm color of pink protects your friendships and encourages contentment and relaxation.
Light Blue evil eye meaning The color of the sky symbolizes truth and broadens your horizons and provides direct protection against the evil eye.
Blue evil eye meaning The traditional color for good karma, positive energies such as commitment motivation, creativity, and protection against the evil eye.
Yellow/ Gold evil eye meaning The color of the sun symbolizes energy, strength, and power to overcome health issues, also aiding you with focus and concentration.
Orange evil eye meaning This color is associated with increased happiness and creativity, helping you to connect with your playful side.
Red evil eye meaning The color of fire, red gives you increased energy, strength, and courage, protecting you and giving you the strength to face the anxieties of life.
Purple evil eye meaning The color of divinity guides you to examine your life by removing obstacles and creating balance in your life.
Green evil eye meaning This earth color encourages you to enjoy your life by pursuing new ideas and succeeding through balance and gratitude.
White evil eye meaning The pureness of the color is associated with light, goodness, purity, and the opportunities for starting new ventures in life.
different colors of the evil eye meaning
different colors of the evil eye meaning

The ‘evil eye’ ‘mat ‘Ojo Turco ‘Nazar the tradition of the charm persists for new babies, new businesses, housewarmings, and even new cars. Any occasion when a ‘good luck’ wish is called for.

The idea expressed by the term causes many different cultures to pursue protective measures against it. The concept and its significance vary widely among different cultures.

The idea appears several times in translations of the Old Testament. It was a widely extended belief among the many Mediterranean and Asian tribes and cultures. Charms and decorations with eye-like symbols known as Mazars, which are used to repel the evil eye are a common sight across Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Southern Italy (Naples), the Levant, and Afghanistan, and have become a popular choice of souvenir with tourists.

purple Evil Eye bracelet
purple Evil Eye bracelet

what does it mean when your evil eye bracelet breaks

In Christianity, the eye symbol has also has found a place in The Eye of Providence (or the all-seeing eye of God) is a symbol, having its origin in Christian iconography, showing an eye often surrounded by rays of light or glory and usually enclosed by a triangle. It represents the eye of God watching over humanity (the concept of divine providence).

Despite its presence as an increasingly popular fashion trend in the US, the Evil Eye is taken extremely seriously in cultures across the globe where belief in the curse is alive and well.

There are dozens of amulets, prayers, and rituals that people across the world believe they can use to both protect themselves from the curse and get rid of it. One of the most popular is a talisman called the khamsa (in Arabic) or hamsa (in Hebrew) which resembles an intricately carved hand. There’s also the Nazar (most popular in Turkey), a royal blue glass bead with circles in the middle resembling a pupil.

These symbols can be found in homes and on people of every faith from West Asia to Central America, placed on front doors, made into doorknobs, worn as jewelry, draped on furniture, or simply placed around the person being protected. And although devoutly religious monotheists condemn amulets as superstitious and therefore sinful, talismans remain extremely common in homes of every faith. And in many parts of the world, prayer or invoking God’s name is considered one of the strongest ways to ward off the Evil Eye.

 different colors of the evil eye necklaces
different colors of the evil eye necklaces

It’s believed that there are three types of evil eyes. The first are unconscious evil eyes. These harm people and things, without intending to. The second type intends to harm. The third one is unseen, hidden evil which is the scariest one.

From Egypt, the eye talisman and a belief in the evil eye had spread to the Mediterranean, Middle East, Europe, and Central America. It is said when anyone looks at someone with an envious eye he fills the surrounding atmosphere with negative energy and transmits this energy onto the person of his disdain, causing misfortune.

The bead reflects the evil intent back to the onlooker. It somewhat resembles an eye and it is said the typical blue color is a factor in protecting the user. The glass beads of the Aegean islands and Asia Minor were directly dependent upon improvements in glass production. As for the color blue, it definitely first comes from Egyptian glazed mud, which contains a high percentage of oxides; the copper and cobalt give the blue color when baked.

The blue evil eye beads underwent widespread circulation in the region, being used by the Phoenicians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, and, perhaps most famously, the Ottomans. Though their usage was most concentrated in the Mediterranean and the Levant, through means of trade and the expansion of empires the blue eye beads began to find their way to all different corners of the globe.

Although the symbol may have the ability to transcend boundaries – be they cultural, geographical, or religious – it may be worth considering its meaning beyond a mere trinket or fashion statement.

blue and white Evil Eye gold rings
blue and white Evil Eye gold rings

What is the best evil eye color?

Deep blue. The evil eye’s most popular color is a deep blue, just like the Greek seas. However, this color and its classic interpretation have come to symbolize different meanings after many other colors were added over the years.

What color is the original evil eye?

An evil eye is a talisman or amulet, designed in the shape of an eye, traditionally in the colors blue or green, that indicate spiritual protection. These talismans or evil eye “repellents” come in different shapes and forms as pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

Is it bad to wear evil eye jewelry?

When a person wears or carries an evil eye with them, it guards against misfortune and bad things happening in one’s life. It helps to keep your life in balance, and protects you from “bad karma” and ill-will that could otherwise have a negative effect on your well-being or your life in general.

Does the evil eye have to be blue?

It doesn’t have to be blue, Typically, when in jewelry, the evil eye is blue and white. However, different colors are used for other meanings. For example, the orange color can represent protection as well as happiness, motivation, creativity, and playfulness. Dark blue is for karma and fate protection, while light blue is for general protection. Dark green is for happiness, red for courage, brown for connection with nature, and yellow for health. Grey is for protection against sorrow, white for focus, and pink for the protection of friendships.

Evil Eye gold necklaces
Evil Eye gold necklaces

The symbol can be incorporated into many types of jewelry, including evil eye rings, bracelets, and other accessories.

What does the evil eye mean spiritually?

The evil eye is a ‘look’ or ‘stare’ believed to bring bad luck for the person at whom it is directed

Belief in the evil eye—“mati”—dates back to Greek Classical antiquity, to at least the 6th century B.C. when it appeared on drinking vessels. It is referenced by Plato, Hesiod, Plutarch and many more classical authors who attempted both to describe and explain the function of the evil eye.

Plutarch’s scientific explanation stated that the eyes were the chief, if not sole, source of the deadly rays that were supposed to spring up like poisoned darts from the inner recesses of a person possessing the evil eye. It is a curse or legend believed to be cast by this malevolent glare and usually given to a person when they are unaware.

An evil eye is a talisman or amulet, designed in the shape of an eye, traditionally in the colors blue or green, that indicate spiritual protection. These talismans or evil eye “repellents” come in different shapes and forms as pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Or can be hanging in a glass bead form over the main door or entrance of someone’s home to keep the hearth protected.

The History of The Evil Eye.

A quasi-universal symbol of protection, the evil eye is referred to as μάτι (mati) in Greek. The concept and the significance of the evil eye are especially prominent in the Mediterranean and West Asia.

The evil eye is a “look” or “stare” that is believed to bring bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislikes. The perception of the nature of the phenomenon, its causes, and possible protective measures, varies between tribes and cultures. The evil eye is a talisman that is meant to protect you from these evil spirits.

When did you start wearing one?

My mother would put an evil eye pin on my crib to make sure any negative energy directed at me would be turned back and I would be protected and safe. Around the age of 6, I got my first piece of jewelry which was a small gold ID bracelet with a tiny evil eye charm hanging from it.

red evil eye bracelet
red evil eye bracelet

Do you wear one always?

Since I was a child I wear an evil eye either as a pendant, ring, or earring on several occasions, especially at times when I feel additional protection is needed, though not necessarily every day.

As a designer, besides the talismanic aspect, what is so alluring about this shape?
Aside from its symbolism, which I embrace, for me, the eyes are the most powerful and meaningful part of the human body. People’s eyes always fascinate me and that is what inspires me in creating a piece of jewelry that imitates the shape of the eye and hopefully also incorporates its strength.

Have you seen an increase in interest right now? If so, how do you explain it?
The evil eye has always been a bestseller as people associate it very much with our brand. We have in fact seen an increase in sales for our evil eyes since Covid-19 and I think this is mainly due to the need for people to acquire something that would boost good luck and protection in these difficult times.

What’s the most classic evil eye design and what is your most creative interpretation of it?

My most iconic evil eye design is the Dawn Pendant. This is the pendant that I was wearing in the winter of 2000 at a big birthday party of a friend of mine in New York. Everybody started asking me what this was, as at the time the evil eye and its meaning was unknown to most people in the U.S., and over 10 people ordered it that same evening.

That triggered the idea to develop the collection and present it to Barney’s, asking them to include them in the selection they had made for that season. I had to brief all the salespeople of the Madison store when they received them 6 months later, so they would be able to explain to their customers the symbolism of the eye.

I believe that my most creative interpretation of the eye is the “Crying Eyes” Collection. The Eye has often taken symbolic form in my work. One day, the moment came for these eyes to come to life and express themselves in a more personal, emotional way. The embrace of this daring approach brought new life and dimension to my work, bringing them “to life” to express tears of both sadness and joy.

Evil Eye necklaces
Blue and withe Evil Eye necklaces

Top 10 Feng Shui Evil Eye Hanging Benefits

The Evil Eye is a symbol of protection against evil and it is used in Feng Shui for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  1. Similar to the Ba Gua Mirror, the Chinese evil eye charm is used to protect against negative energy and to deflect any Sha Qi that might be present outside the home.
  2. It is also said to ward off evil forces, for that reason, the feng shui evil eye can be placed near the primary entrance to the building
  3. The Evil Eye amulet is also said to shield you from hurt from hostile friends, bosses, and competitors who want to bring you down, so keep one on your office desk.
  4. To keep you safe from those who do not have your best interests at heart.
  5. Many people presume evil eye protection charm symbols to be a good luck sign. They wear it as a jewelry accessory, such as a necklace or bracelet, or carry it in their pocket or handbag to obtain favorable fortune.
  6. You can also use the evil eye to safeguard your personal items, such as a new car, home, mobile device, or something else, from those who are extremely jealous and wish to destroy them through their impure thoughts.
  7. Protection of evil eyes can even be hanged in cars to shield against negative energies and improve travel luck.
  8. The main color of the evil eye is blue, and it is said to emit positive energy and true happiness. The shade of blue inside the evil eye amulet also reflects the sky which symbolizes truth, and it is thought to be a protective mechanism from the evil eye. There are different evil eye color meanings.
  9. If the real evil eye was to place unfortunate luck upon you, it is said to cause anxiety, exhaustion, depression, and diarrhoea, among other ailments. It is believed that wearing an evil eye protection charm would keep you safe and happy.
  10. It is believed that wearing the evil eye charm or tossing out an evil eye sign bestows best wishes, wellness, and joy to the wearer.

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