Which type of nose ring is best for big nose?

Do piercings look good on big noses?

The truth is, any size nose can look great with the right piercing. Whether a septum or nose piercing, you’re free to express yourself any way you want to, even if you have a big nose. Having your nose pierced will decorate it and simply draw more attention to it.

Some suggestions about big nose piercing

  • Try a tiny nose ring hoop, not a giant one. This is not important if you have a big nose. This advice is also for new nose piercing. No matter small or a big nose, try a tiny ring hoop.
  • Remember that Every nose rings depends on the attitude of the people and how it looks. After you get pierced, you will get positive and negative reviews from people. Just ignore them. If you like it, go get it.
  • Try many types of nose rings. There are unlimited nose rings. You can try a single diamond or simple stud. But, I suggest you try more sizes and shapes like stars and flowers. So, you will find the right size that suits your face and your big nose.

Which type of nose ring is best for big nose?

Diamond Studs

A diamond nose stud looks beautiful on any nose, irrespective of the shape. A giant colored stone stud looks perfect on a broader nose. A long and sharp nose adorns the simple hoop nose ring beautifully.

Does nose pin look good on big nose?

Small nose studs look good on any face, no matter what the shape of the face is. If you have a broader nose, you can opt for a large nose stud that probably has a stone or enamel. … These nose studs usually go well with any kind of outfit be it Indian or western.

Do Nose Piercings Look Good On Wide Noses?

Nose piercings, a fashion or fad; call it whatever you like but one thing we can say for sure is that they are one of the most gorgeous body piercings.

Nose piercings are a stunning addition to anybody’s face. Absolutely anyone can rock a nose piercing stud or hoop no matter what the size or shape of their nose is. There we said it. Yes, nose piercings look good on any type of nose as long as the person carrying it is confident and comfortable with it.

Types of Nose Piercings

Unlike ear piercings, nose piercings don’t really have a huge variety as in their types. There are 3 basic types of nose piercings; the traditional one on the nostril, the septum piercing, and high nostril piercings.

Traditional Nostril Piercing

Traditional nose piercing on the nostril is the most common type of nose piercings. You can adorn it with simple studs, nose ring hoop or loops, or nose bones etc. Traditional nose piercings don’t need no introduction for they are quite common. So let’s move on to the next one!

Septum Piercing

Septum piercing is not as common as a traditional nostril piercing. Perhaps, because it is not widely ‘accepted’ in the society. But septum piercings create a very attractive look. It is mostly accessorized with hoops especially designed for septum piercings.

Septum piercings look great particularly on bigger noses. This is because they draw attention more towards the edge of the nose, the lips, and the area between them. This way attention is drawn away from the nose and towards the septum piercing.

So if you’re looking for a hack to make your big nose less noticeable (which you shouldn’t btw), septum piercings can be a great idea to do so.

High Nostril Piercing

High nostril piercings are far less common than the septum piercings. This piercing is done a bit above the curve of the nostrils’ crease. The option to adorn this type of piercing is limited to studs, nose screws, or l-shaped pins only.

High nostril piercings look very unique and instantly grab a lot of attention as they differ from the conventional nose piercing, which is way too common now. This type of piercing looks great both on big and petite nose types.

Would A Nose Piercing Still Look Good If I Have A Big Nose?

Yes, why not? Nose piercings look gorgeous on any and every type of nose. You just need to be mindful of the size and style you’re wearing and you’ll be good.

Getting a nose piercing is a matter of personal preference. Honestly, it has nothing to do with the size of your nose. It will definitely look good if you wear it with confidence. Anyone else who says otherwise shouldn’t bother you because what you think of yourself is all that matters.

If you like it, there’s no reason you should restrain yourself from it. Just like ear piercings look good on all type of ears, nose piercings are suitable for all types of noses too.

Nobody asks if they should or shouldn’t get their ears pierced just because their ears are big. So why bother when it comes to the nose?

Does Nose Piercing Make A Big Nose Look Better?

For many, the addition of a nose piercing to their face has helped them like their nose. However, we believe that your nose will start looking better the minute you learn to accept it and own it.

Flaunt a personalized style

But anyway, getting a nose piercing is a wonderful way to be able to flaunt a personalized style with a variety of nose accessories. You can create a new look every other day.

Experiment with different jewelry

Go on experimenting around with different jewelry and get to know your nose shape better.

Select the right size

Selection of the right size of nose accessory for your type of nose is the key to make it look attractive. But the only way to select that right size is by experimenting once your piercing is past the healing process.

Can A Nose Piercing Make My Nose Look Smaller?

Making a nose look smaller or bigger is not exactly the job of a nose piercing. Making the nose attractive is what a nose piercing does quite well. So it cannot necessarily make a nose look smaller rather it draws attention towards or away from the nose depending on the type of nose accessory you choose.

8 Types of nose rings You can give a Shot!

L shaped nose rings

These fit great for all nose piercings. They have an L shaped design that sits perfectly inside your nose keeping it in place. It is really tiny and has a variety of colors to it. Wearing and removal is easy as well.

Nose Studs

They usually a have really edgy or cute heads either holding some gem or rock. They have a short, fat or thin stem with a rounded tip at the end. They fit snugly and should not give you a problem to wear or remove.


These are nose pieces that are made of natural or synthetic material matching skin color to keep your nose’s piercing healthy and well. To get a nose ring closed is bad as the replacement will be twice as painful as the first time.

Septum clickers

In replacement or as an upgrade from curved nose rings and straight barbells, these clickers are perfect for those who have not pierced yet but are curious about these piercings. The clicker secures right inside the nostril keeping it hanging beautifully. They are available in many colors and designs.

Nose screws

Very flexible and suitable for all nose piercings, is the nose screws. They make for jewelry that is easy to wear and remove and also easy to manipulate to secure in place. All you need to do it put it through your nose piercing and twist or screw at the ends.


With a flat disc resting at the back of the nostril, these are the best for secure nose rings. Their simplicity in design and the allure of that tiny hoop would prove to have a positive influence on your overall appearance. Even if you have a big nose.

Captive bead king ring

Similar to the hoop only with no opening. Once it’s in, it is designed to stay that way hence the name captive. It is more preferred for the septum as opposed to the nostril ring.

Horseshoe barbell

A curved barbell with removable beads at the ends. This makes for great accessorizing as you can change the color of the beads to change your look. They are perfect for septums and nostril piercings. Straight barbells are a great choice for guys.

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