Why We're Not On Board With the Dummy Engagement Ring Trend | CHURINGA JEWELRY

Your partner starts talking to you about how much they love you and how far you’ve come in your relationship, so your heart starts beating a little faster—and suddenly they’re down on one knee. They open a box and inside is… a fake diamond ring? They quickly explain that this isn’t your real ring—just a stand-in for the one you’re going to buy together. Suddenly the moment becomes a little less special.

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Sadly, this dummy engagement ring trend is becoming more popular—and it just doesn’t fly with us. Part of what’s supposed to be special about your engagement ring is that it’s something your significant other picked out for you (with some help from your Pinterest board, your mom, best friend or even you!). They went to the store, chose the ring that was so you, and excitedly held on to it until the right moment came to pop the question. They didn’t order a cheap, fake ring off a website because they weren’t totally sure of your style or if you’d really like it.

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The point is, your engagement ring is the start to your relationship as a married couple. And we know—your soon-to-be fiancé is probably stressing out about what kind of ring to get you. Which is why we encourage you to talk about it, even drop some hints to him or her about the diamond shape you want (if you want a diamond at all) or the kind of metal you like (rose gold, platinum or yellow gold). Or encourage them to talk to the people closest to you who know all those details—down to your ring size. Like all aspects of your relationship, communication is key here. Happy ring shopping (or hinting!).


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