CHURINGA Wedding Rings Pros and Cons

Are you searching for Ceramic Wedding Rings Pros and Cons? Have you come across ceramic rings in the market and wondered if they are the right type of wedding ring for you? Well, read on, and you’ll find out the answer.

What are ceramic wedding rings?

Before telling you the pros and cons of ceramic wedding rings, let me tell you more about Ceramic rings.

When people first hear the word ceramic, their mind gravitates towards items made from clay. When we talk about ceramic wedding rings, that is not the case. Instead, when you hear the word ceramic in the jewelry world, it refers to jewelry made from titanium carbide. The material is composed of both titanium and carbon atoms.

The titanium carbide is known for its hardness and also the fact that it is entirely scratch resistant. It also maintains luster quite well, just the same way at tungsten rings do. You’re assured that you’ll have a glossy finish to your rings for the rest of your life. Ceramic rings also need minimal care; with just warm soapy water and a soft cloth, you can restore the shine.

In the market, you’ll typically find ceramic rings in either bright white (silver-ish) or black. One thing to note is that black ceramic rings are non-metallic and thus won’t sound when you’re going through a metal detector. You will also find that black ceramic rings are indeed pure black, and when they scratch, they won’t change color. On the MOH scale of strength, the ceramic ring is rated 8, which is quite strong and up there with tungsten carbide.

Ceramic jewelry is also 100 percent organic. To make it, the raw materials get heated to very high temperatures. Apart from jewelry, there are other industrial uses for ceramic. They get used for making floor tiles, electrical parts, coffee mugs, and the like. The reason for their use in these areas and others is because ceramic is highly resistant to heat. It is also sturdy and equally resistant to impact. Ceramic has gotten used in history to make jewelry, but it is thanks to technological advancement that harder ceramic has been made available.

The other reason why people gravitate toward ceramic rings is that they are quite light. The quality is also just as good as tungsten carbide and also titanium. It is equally crack resistant. Even with these attributes, what remains attractive about ceramic rings is that they are cheaper than others.

Ceramic wedding rings pros and cons

Let’s get into the specifics about what makes ceramic rings fantastic and also some drawbacks.

Pros of ceramic weddings

Affordable:metals are typically expensive, but with ceramic, it tends to be less expensive. You pay between $80 and $200, which is less than metals in the market. The design also factors in how much a ring cost. If you’re on a budget, then ceramic rings are something you can consider getting.

Comfortable: ceramic rings are light and overall give a good feel on the finger. When they have a rounded inner surface, they grip the finger better. You can indeed wear it round the clock and forget it exists.

Variety: another attribute that makes ceramic rings appealing is they come in a variety of colors and styles. You can get a look that suits you best, and you’re also assured that, if you are not getting wedding bands, you can get rings that suit your outfits the best. When it comes to men’s rings, most people do gravitate toward black.

Safe to wear: if you have allergies to metals, then ceramic rings are the way to go. You don’t indeed have to worry about allergic reactions on your skin when you wear rings made from this material. Also, in the event of an emergency, a crasher can get used to crack and break the ring off your finger.

Durable: If you do work with your hands, you will find that a ceramic ring is also a good companion. The good thing about it is that even if you accidentally bang it against something hard, it does not bend, crack or break. It will fair on better under other such circumstances.

Non-metallic:if you cannot wear metal jewelry, then ceramic rings are the ideal option for you. Also, if you’re an electrician or work around electricity, then a ceramic ring is a perfect choice because it doesn’t conduct electricity.

Hypoallergenic:Lastly, the most significant benefit there is when it comes to ceramic rings is that they are hypoallergenic. If you have skin allergies that come about from wearing metal jewelry, then ceramic rings are the way to go for you. You can wear the rings in peace.

Cons of ceramic wedding rings

It is not metal: While the fact that ceramic rings are not metallic can be a good thing, for some, that is not ideal. They are light, and for those who like to feel some weight around their finger, then a ceramic ring is not what they would gravitate toward.

Breakable: when you hit a ceramic ring on a hard surface, it will fair on well. However, when you hit it or drop it with the “right” amount of force, then the ring will crack or break. Therefore, you do need to be more careful with ceramic rings, then you would metal jewelry.

Cannot get resized: Getting a ceramic wedding ring is a long-term commitment that you ought to be willing to make. That’s because once you get the ring, you are stuck with the same size for the rest of your life. If your finger becomes thinner or bigger, you’ll have to get a new ring because ceramic rings cannot get resized.

Should you buy a ceramic wedding ring?

Such questions are primarily a matter of preference. At the same time, when you look at the pros and cons of ceramic rings, the advantages tend to speak for themselves.

Ceramic rings are a fantastic idea of you’re a budget or are allergic to metal. They are also stylish in their own right, so it’s not about getting a piece of lesser jewelry. It is fantastic in their own right.


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