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“You Are My Sunshine” Bracelet

“You Are My Sunshine” lyrics

You Are My Sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You’ll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don’t take my sunshine away

“You Are My Sunshine” meaning

We might not realize just how sad a song is when parts of the song commonly get left out and that is certainly the case with “You Are My Sunshine.” The lyrics in full speak of a love that has gone away, the person left behind pleading through troubled dreams for the return of their dearest. But, as seen in this stunning performance below by Johnny Cash and June Carter, even the professionals often left out the sad verses to this classic song and they mainly sing the chorus. The soothing melody has been used by many a parent as a lullaby, but if you really examine the lyrics the song becomes a morose tale of heartbreak. This song has been a hit since 1940, but probably only because we haven’t been listening to the verses closely enough!

Everybody knows the song. The kids in Oklahoma know it. So does everyone who reads about the Oklahoma tornadoes. “You Are My Sunshine” is so deeply embedded in the popular culture. They’ve simply lived with it from the time they developed a memory.

“You Are My Sunshine” may in fact be the most ubiquitous piece of music of the 20th century, second only to “Happy Birthday” and “Shave and a Haircut.” Its popularity never wanes with passing generations. Instead, it continually reappears in various contexts: as a campfire singalong, as a sweet lullaby from a parent to a child, in commercials for French’s mustard or children’s Tylenol.

“You Are My Sunshine”video

Sun Coin Bracelet

Lucky coins are lucky charms that are carried around to attract wealth and good luck, whilst many, often silver coins, attached to bracelets multiply the effect as well as create a noise that scares away evil spirits. Bathing with a penny wrapped in a washcloth brings good fortune at Beltane or the Winter Solstice in Celtic Mythology. Chinese “Money Frogs” or “Money Toads”, often with a coin in their mouths, bring food, luck, and prosperity.

How Can I Get Sun Coin?

either go straight to our website and consult it, or you can check out some second-hand online markets to find one of them. it most likely is forged from ancient times. blessing by the god flame, its a good call for a new start-up jewelry store, since it hasn’t been taken by those big brands such as Tiffany, Dio, Cartier, Chanel, etc.

Two Types of Chains in One Bracelet

There is two types of chains are including

  • Cable Chain — The cable chain is the most popular type of chain for men. It’s created from connecting oval links and resembles actual chain. Alone, cable chains aren’t the most statement-making necklace on the market, but they’re great for holding a cross, coin or pendant.
  • Loop Chain –The Loop Chain a general utility chain for multiple applications such as porch swings, children’s swings, animal chains, and light fixtures.
CHURINGASWSL-0005 Stainless steel Bracelet
CHURINGASWSL-0005 Stainless steel Bracelet
CHURINGASWSL-0005 Stainless steel Bracelet
CHURINGASWSL-0005 Stainless steel Bracelet
CHURINGASWSL-0005 Stainless steel Bracelet
CHURINGASWSL-0005 Stainless steel Bracelet


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CHURINGASWSL-0005 Stainless steel Bracelet

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5.10 – 3.30

CHURINGASWSL-0005 Stainless steel Bracelet
SSSL-008 Sun Coins Bracelet