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What is Bling Jewellery?

For those interested in Hip Hop and the bling jewelry that goes with it, here is a general guide as to the type of jewelry worn and how to judge quality when making a purchase. Bling jewelry is usually made in silver or gold with cubic zirconia or diamonds. The term “bling” itself represents the shine and glitter coming from cubic zirconia or diamond stones. The type of material used will be based on your financial profile as silver and cubic zirconia bling jewelry can cost as little as twenty dollars whereas gold and diamonds can easily cost thousands. Hip Hop bling jewelry consists of primarily pendants, chains, and bracelets. Before making a purchase you should know the general styles, sizes, and thoughts usually associated with the mainstream of bling Hip Hop jewelry.

Hip Hop bling pendants tend to fall into the categories of cross pendants, custom pendants, or miscellaneous pendants. Generally, the size of a bling pendant is important because larger pendants are more flamboyant and represent a higher wealth status. Bling pendants are usually set with cubic zirconia or diamond stones and range in size from three to five inches in length. Bling cross pendants are popular due to their inherent representation of religion, an important part of the spiritual aspect of Hip Hop. Bling crosses are classically designed incorporating pointed ends with busy artwork.

Customized pendants are usually exclusive designs representing some aspect of one’s work or belief. They are worn primarily by those who can afford such commissions, namely musicians and actors. Unlike other types of bling jewelry almost all custom bling pendants feature real diamond stones. This is strictly a financial issue as those who can afford to pay for a customized bling pendant can also afford to buy real diamonds. Bling pendants also come in a variety of popular designs such as dog tagsspinning rims, crowns, and microphones.

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