SSDZ-008 White Crystal Rhinestone Flower Evil Eye Skull Key Necklace Pendants

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What does a key symbolise?

At its heart, a key is an opener of locks. Whether it’s a door, a treasure chest, or the metaphorical heart, keys let us into unknown worlds. Keys symbolise freedom, they open things up and lock precious things away. They reveal secrets. Superstitions and symbolism around keys abound. Jewish midwives used to give a key to a woman in labour to encourage safe delivery of the baby. In Eastern Europe keys were hung upside down over beds to ward off bad dreams. Several cultures have buried their dead with keys to unlock the afterlife. There are beginnings and endings, but they always lead on…

What is the meaning behind a key charm?

The ancient Greeks saw keys as symbols of knowledge. Key charms can symbolise this authority. They can symbolise love, they can symbolise possibility. What more fitting gift to bestow on someone then, than a piece of jewellery in the shape of a key? A key pendant necklace or personalised key necklace: a key hanging close to someone’s heart. It is a pathway, freedom, an expression of desire to open up the world. Or a way of making it clear to your loved ones who holds the key to your heart.

Gold key necklace
Gold Key Necklace

What’s the significance of giving key jewellery for a 21st birthday?

In many cultures the age of 21 represents a significant coming of age. A gold key pendant is a traditional present for anyone, male or female. A piece of key jewellery represents the start of the rest of their lives, the opening of many exciting doors to come. Keys are also traditionally given to graduates, and indeed anyone at the threshold to their next adventure.

What does a key necklace symbolize?

The tradition of giving a key pendant

Key pendants have always been a popular present for all ages and every occasion.

Key pendants are customarily given as a present on the 21st birthday. This tradition dates from the times when at twenty-one, you were considered old enough to be a key-holder to your family’s home, and thus hold a symbolical ‘senior’ position in the family. It’s an old tradition that, some think, has long since become irrelevant and obsolete, but the symbolism of the key on the 21st birthday lives on. Both 21st birthday and Graduations are considered to be a “new beginning” occasion and key pendants are popular presents for both.

Keys have always been endowed with a certain sort of magic. It’s believed they have the power to reveal things that were unknown or obscured before. In Far East cultures, keys are regarded as a “Good Luck” presents and a bearer of a good fortune ahead. It was believed that wearing a Key as a Pendant will open physical, intellectual, or spiritual barriers and give access, or attract riches of all nature.

Folktales tell of a universal “Skeleton Key”, that will successfully unlock anything you wish for. Thus such a key pendant is given to open new horizons and new uncharted adventures for one who wears it.

crown key necklace
Gold Crown Key Necklace

In modern days, we have adopted the Key Pendant as a symbol of entrusting someone with the access to one’s “Heart of Hearts”. The “Key to a Heart” is given in the same fashion as the “Key to a City” has been given for ages. The practice of presenting a “Key to the City” to an individual can be traced back the Middle Ages when it was a symbol of the City’s intention that the recipient was free to come and go at will. Today it is considered a symbolic gesture, bestowed upon distinguished persons and honored guests for achievements of the highest importance. Giving someone the “key to Your Heart” will be a symbol of expressing a special trust and commitment. In present days, when in a romantic relationship, two will exchange keys from their homes as an act, that signifies the moment when a relationship has been taken to the next level and the foundation of a life together has been laid.

The rich symbolism bestowed upon Key pendants is drawn from many cultures and makes them a versatile present for just about any age and any occasion. Key pendants can be equally appropriate presents for both romantic and none romantic occasions, celebrating family milestones or personal achievements.

The history of the key necklace

Here is some ancient key folklore, for Halloween fun.

  • Keys should never be put on a the table, as it leads to chaos and disagreement in the house.
  • Keys in the bed can help a woman in the process of childbirth.
  • Keys in the shape of crosses help cure boils.
  • Church keys—usually weighty iron keys with a cross on the bit or bow—are particularly powerful, able to cure whooping cough and calm unruly children.

Tiffany Key Necklace

Symbols of a life well lived, our coveted key jewelry expresses independence, power and optimism. Each key necklace is crafted with precise attention to detail. Unlock new possibilities.

tiffany key necklace
Tiffany Key Necklace

Launched in 2009, the Tiffany Keys are a timeless symbol of sophistication. With its exquisite craftsmanship, the Keys can be worn alone, or layered together for a more dazzling effect. But behind the stylish designs of this universally popular collection lies a nostalgic story about love, self-reflection and self-expression. The Keys collection was inspired by a set of exquisitely crafted vintage keys in the Tiffany & Co. Archive; the oldest dates back to the 1880s.

  1. The most popular style of the Tiffany Keys collection is the crown key.
  2. The Tiffany Keys come in a variety of materials (sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum) and gemstones (pink sapphire, blue sapphire, tsavorites and yellow diamonds).
  3. A recurring motif of the Tiffany Keys is the fleur de lis, a symbol of royalty. Other motifs include trefoils, kaleidoscopes, hearts and flowers.

Tiffany key necklaces price range from $200 to $12,000.

Gucci Key Necklace

This sterling silver necklace, with an aged finish, features a key with the now recognizable Double G as the top piece. Expertly made and intricately designed, often with subtle nods to the House, Gucci’s silver jewelry collection is presented in an array of contemporary and classic pieces.
This Gucci necklace has the key to our hearts. Quite literally as it’s hanging around our neck. Lucky that.The Double G key necklace sells for $280.

Gucci Necklace
Gucci Necklace

CHURINGA Key Necklace Pendant Details

CHURINGA incorporated the key element into the necklace design. Here is our original key necklace. It incorporates ghostly head, kaleidoscope, flowers and other elements.The side is also inlaid with black/white zircon crystals in the form of the Devil’s Eye.

  • Evil Eye – Evil eyes have been a part of jewelry since ancient times. They are said to protect the wearer from people who want to harm them.
  • key – A key is a symbol of authority or the power to unlock something. It is often representative of the key to one’s heart, which associates the symbol with love. Similarly, a lock represents protecting the heart, so it often represents love as well.
CHURINGASDZ-0037 Key Necklace, Key Pendant
CHURINGASDZ-0037 Key Necklace, Key Pendant

Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory Brand CHURINGA

Churinga is the best jewelry factory in China. Churinga is one of the best jewelry factory brands in China. Churinga is affiliated with Hotsell Company Limited, and it is a professional fashion jewelry manufacturer in China, set design, production, wholesale, and export trade as one of the enterprises. Product substrate metals are stainless steel, copper alloy, and silver, a surface thin layer of gold plated, rhodium plated or palladium plating, auxiliary material with artificial gem (synthetic cubic zirconia, synthetic crystal, synthetic ruby, etc). Product variety, style fashion, good quality, which covers rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, bangles, jewelry sets, etc. Our series products are sold all over the world, we provide good services to all of the customers at home and abroad. We are one of the Chinese leading Jewelry manufacturers providing high-quality jewelry with fast delivery and the most competitive pricing. Customized service is our professional offer.

And we support customized.

jewelry factory churinga
Jewelry Factory Churinga

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Additional information

Weight 0.0137 kg
Dimensions 2 × 6.9 cm
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China Jewelry Factory Wholesale Shipment

DHL/TNT/FedEx 3-10 Working Days

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ODM/OEM Available

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China Jewelry Factory Whoesale Pendants Name

Evil Eye Skull Key Necklace Pendant

China Jewelry Factory Wholesale Key Pendants Color

Stainless steel, black

China Jewelry Factory Wholesale Key Pendants Quality

High Quality

China Jewelry Factory Wholesale Key Pendants Material

316L Surgical Stainless Steel

China Jewelry Factory Whoesale Pendants Design Elements

Evil Eye, key, skull. flower

China Jewelry Factory Wholesale Key Pendants Number


China Jewelry Factory Wholesale Price Range

2.2 – 3.2

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    Adam (store manager)

    Loki low key style, As a popular and trendy one. it really brings up my vibe through daily dress-up.
    recommend to gals whos into skull pattern design.I set my sights on this jewelry factory.

  2. Christine R. Frazier
    5 out of 5

    Christine R. Frazier

    Just got it today. Look’s really nice. I wish the chain was a little thicker. It’s really skinny so
    it could tangle really easily if not careful. It is small but not too small, too big overdone, or underdone. Just right, and
    cheaper than other stores that could have this same kind of necklace for 50+ dollars. I brought it for my valentine for Valentine’s day and I think she will love it. I would recommend this to those for a gift idea like a birthday valentine’s a girlfriend or Christmas. amazing piece, really love this churinga jewelry factory.

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SSDZ-008 White Crystal Rhinestone Flower Evil Eye Skull Key Necklace Pendants