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Thinking of getting a piercing this festive season? If yes, go for something unique & extraordinary. Ear piercings and nose piercings are too common. Ever heard of Smiley Piercing? It doesn’t just sound cool, it looks equally smart. We’ll walk through this piercing style. Now, it is your body and you should be very concerned about it. Make sure you take into consideration every aspect of this piercing – the pain, healing, and aftercare and only then make an appointment with the piercer.

Anti Smiley Piercing

Inside Lip Piercing

What is Smiley piercing?

Smiley Piercing is under the upper or the lower lip. Obviously, a piece of jewelry is worn in the pierced area but the cool part is that it gets covered when your mouth is closed. What this means is that you can show it off whenever you like by simply smiling. Thus, the name Smiley Piercing – your smile can make it visible to others and that is why it is so popular. It is called Oral Piercing too. To get to the technique of the piercing, the perforation is made in the frenulum which is found on the upper lip’s inner side. It is done there for the frenulum provides support as it connects gum and the lips.

Pierced SmileyPierced SmileyLip Web PiercingLip Web Piercing

Smiley Piercing Method

There is absolutely no doubt that you need to take every care you possibly can to make sure no mistakes are made. First thing on your list should be locating a good and maintained studio. Search for one in your locality and check with your friends about its safety and standards. Internet would be a good place to start. Once you find a clean studio with an experienced professional, fix an appointment and make sure you’re on time. Formalities will come first – you will be asked to sign a consent form so you will also need to carry your ID proof with you. The professional will run you through the process and explain how he will carry it out just for your knowledge.

You would be required to rinse your mouth using a mouthwash which will be provided by the studio. As is obvious, it gets rid of the germs in your mouth and prevents infection. Only after this is done, the needle will be inserted into the mouth. Now, it may bleed a little and it may cause some pain.

Smiley Piercing and Septum PiercingSmiley Piercing and Septum PiercingSmiley PiercingInner lip piercingUpper Lip Frenulum PiercingUpper Lip Frenulum Piercing

Smiley Piercing Pain

For some, the pain isn’t very excruciating but you may be overwhelmed by it. If that’s the case, consult a doctor and ask him to prescribe some painkillers to fight the pain. The pain will subside in 4 weeks if you take good care of it and it will take much longer if you don’t. It’ll heal in 2 months.

Smiley Piercing Risks

Migration and rejection are the most common risks that follow Smiley Piercing. Improper piercing in the frenulum causes migration of the jewelry, which means it shifts from its original position. People with thin frenulum often face this problem.

Rejection is when the skin rejects the piercing by pushing out the jewelry from its surface. This happens when you use a bigger jewelry; when you insert jewelry bigger than what your skin can take, it can also damage frenulum severely. Other than this, brushing of the jewelry with the teeth, again and again, can damage the tooth. Infections  cause due to improper care of the piercing and it could also lead to injuries. An infected smiley piercing can be painful.

Scrumper PiercingScrumper Piercing



Smiley Piercing Rings

Smiley Piercing Aftercare

Any kind of piercing requires a lot of care; Inside lip Piercing is no exception to that rule. Lack of aftercare increases the chances of infections, injuries, and rejection of the piercing. Not to forget, it could give you a lot of pain too. So, why play with your body? And aftercare isn’t very hard either. All you have to do is remember you have a pierced lip.


  • Treat it with respect – wash your mouth with salt water at least two times every day for 5 minutes each.
  • Make sure you brush properly around the jewelry area to prevent plagues.
  • Clean the area gently using clean towel to avoid infections.

Smiley Piercing RingsSmiley Piercing RingsInside Upper Lip PiercingInside Upper Lip Piercing


  • It is important that you don’t ply with your piercing and brush as lightly as possible to avoid any injury to your piercing. Brushing over it would be a bad move – never try it or it will tear your frenulum.
  • Avoid spicy food, the reason is simple – it can cause irritation in the pierced area and may even cause inflammation.
  • Go swimming or taking a bath in bathtub.
  • Eating sticky food such as chewing gum.

For more dos and don’ts, professional will be a better help.

Make your infectious smile bigger, better and cuter but by playing it safe.



Smiley Piercing Jewelry

Barbells and bead rings are both preferable but the captive bead ring is much more convenient as it moves less as compared to the barbell. Jewelry of gold or steel is ideal as they usually don’t result in migration or rejection or infection.

Smiley PiercingsSmiley Piercings


Inspite of required high precision, these piercings do not cost much, it may charge you anywhere from $40 to $90 in a well reputed parlor. The prices may vary with the price of jewelry.

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