Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone?

What is Tiger’s Eye Stone?

Tiger Eye stone (also called Tiger’s Eye) is a gemstone well known for its unique golden to reddish-brown appearance and metaphysical properties. Tiger Eye is actually is a member of the quartz group. Other members of the quartz family include amethyst, citrine, carnelian, agate, onyx, jasper, and clear quartz. Sometimes people even confuse the tiger’s eye with agate.

Many people don’t realize it, but physically Tiger’s Eye just isn’t that different from the other kinds of quartz. Like other kinds of quartz, Tiger Eye is a fairly hard material (around a 7 on the Mohs scale), and it holds up well.

What month is Tiger’s Eye?

June. The zodiac stone for June, the tiger’s eye is in the quartz family. It is what’s known as a chatoyant gemstone, notable for its brilliant optical effect due to strains or layers of quartz running through the stone. These warm-hued, silky stones have been highly-prized for centuries.

Who shouldn’t wear the Tiger’s eye stone and why?

Generally, the Tiger’s Eye stone is regarded as a type of chalcedony, meaning that just like black onyx, it is sensitive to strong vibrations and moisture. It won’t be ideal if you live in an area or an environment that experiences a lot of vibrations or if you are constantly knocking your wrist on hard surfaces.

If you already have a bracelet made of this stone, you may want to keep it in the pocket or on the table to avoid or minimize the effects of the vibrations.

The tiger’s eye stone has also been shown to be quite influential in reproduction and fertility, and it’s often recommended for individuals struggling to conceive. So, if you aren’t in kids but are also not careful with birth control options, the Tiger’s Eye stone wouldn’t be ideal for you.

But the zodiac signs are not the only things that determine if and who should be wearing the Tiger’s Eye stone – the element of feminine or masculine energies also plays a role in the effects of the stone and who may or may not wear the stone.

Generally, the stone, like the rest of the golden stones, has been shown to be quite effective in enhancing masculine energy, and if this is not what you desire based on your current situation, the stone may not be 100% ideal for you. At the end of the day, humanity is all about balance and finding the right level of balance in and for each individual. So, if you believe that you need a bit more masculine energy in your life to be able to balance yourself, the stone would help. And if you need less masculine energy, then this would be the kind of stone to avoid.

The Tiger Eye is also quite energetic, and it’s also very active, which would mean that if you find yourself struggling with bad dreams and/or insomnia, this wouldn’t be the ideal stone for you.

You should also avoid wearing the Tiger Eye stone if you’d had trouble with quartz stones in the past.

Who can wear tiger eye stone all time?

Wondering if the Tiger’s Eye stone is the ideal kind of stone for you to wear at all times? Here are ideas on who can wear and benefit from wearing the Tiger’s Eye stone at all times.

Generally, if you are a weak Sun or Mars sign, you could wear the Tiger Eye stone at all times. This also applies to Geminis. But these are not the only persons that can wear this stone at all times; it is generally a suitable choice for people of all ethnicities and religions. However, you can avoid issues with the stone by talking to an expert astrologer first.

That said, the stone would be an excellent option for you if you are interested in gaining the following advantages or benefits in your life. Essentially, the stone would make you more courageous and confident; it would improve concentration issues in kids, help you if you’re struggling with fertility, and it’s also considered a great pain management solution for persons struggling with chronic pain. It would also protect you from evil eyes.

The Meaning Of Tiger Eye

Victory stone renowned to crystal users since ages, tiger eye is reminiscent of the tiger’s eye. How beautiful an artist nature is, right? Tiger eye is a gorgeous stone often used for attaining success too. It is often used for detoxing the body. Tiger eye loosens your worries and stress to help you find yourself. It is a stone that empowers your lower chakra to help you be your best self.

What Is the Tiger Eye Stone Good For?

A crystal that is known to bring genuine happiness and wellbeing of the family, tiger eye spreads love and harmony wherever it is kept. Being a fire energy stone, keeping tiger eye in the southern area of the room attracts reputation and fame. It brings you strength and increases your vitality. If you have infertility issues, tiger eye can resolve it. Tigers eye brings you optimism and creativity.

Tiger Rings for Women

While the tiger’s eye is associated with rage, strength, courage, and also more masculine energy, the stone is associated with soft qualities too. To show this, pregnant women in South Asia and Thailand wore the tiger’s eye ring as an accessory or an amulet that would protect mother and child when the father wasn’t nearby. Stone would save the pregnant woman from any kind of adversity.

Girls who wear the Tiger’s eye rings do that to emphasize the duality of the feminine spirit. It is not surprising to learn that women tend to have the most mysterious personalities. So, the stone’s black stripes symbolize dark forces, magic, hidden energies, or some kind of mysterious phenomena. On the contrary, the light golden stripes represent light energy and the sun. So, the combination of the dark and light stripes, as is seen on the cat, means that the cat is a loyal companion for that mysterious woman.

The tiger’s pose on the ring is also important. But sleeping tigers, which are the most common, represent home, peace of mind, and the world. The tiger cub is also common and highly sought after by women because it symbolizes a woman’s love for her children, as well as her willingness to protect her cubs.

Tiger Rings for Men

And like other ‘feline’ stone rings with depictions of panthers, lions, tigers, and even the wild and the domestic cats, the meaning associated with the ring depends on the animal that the stone depicts. The tiger’s eye, as mentioned above, represents stamina, courage, speed, strength, and also grandeur. As a result, the rings with this stone depicted are often worn by men as the man’s declaration of his superior status and confidence in his capabilities, as well as his strengths. Therefore the ring is a suitable choice for well-off and strong men.

There’s also a belief that the tigers patronize the married men, and the men inclined to wear the tiger’s eye ring do that to reveal their wild side, which is synonymous with the side of the predator cat. Essentially, the tigers are portrayed as the roaring predatory animal known for their predatory grin and the fact that the tiger is always ready to pounce on their prey. These are the images that symbolize an internal threat that anyone wearing the ring tends to project. Since men tend to suppress their competitors physically, this animal instinct is seen in how and why the men still gravitate towards objects that represent the aggressive animals.

When it comes to women, however, the opposite is true. Women not only choose the more relaxed images of the big playful cat or even the sleeping one resting on their elegant fingers. These rings on women’s fingers point to the independent and unpredictable nature of women, which also matches the features of the tiger’s temperament.

Benefits of wearing tiger eye ring

Wondering what is tiger eye good for? You might’ve just received a new tiger eye stone and you’re curious about the stone inside out. We will show you five ways to use tiger eye at your home so that you can reap the benefits of its unique energy.

  • Concentration and Focus

First off is alertness. If you’re a student, tiger eye will bring you focus and attention. You will not be distracted when you have the tiger eye stone in your pocket. Carry it for exams or presentations to do your best at it.

  • Luck and Prosperity

A natural magnet for attracting wealth and luck into your life, tiger eye brings good fortune too. All you need to do is place the stone in the southern direction for attracting prosperity towards you. Easy right? Try it yourself today!

You can also place the stone in your safe or wallet to naturally attract finances into your life.

  • Action and Decision Stone

Are you an introvert? Perhaps you’re defined as indecisive by your friends. Whatever be the reason that is delaying your action, tiger eye can resolve it. Hold the stone and ask your questions to seek the light of guidance from the stone. It will quicken your decision-making process for you!

  • Health and Harmony

Want to attract harmony into your house? The easiest trick is to keep tiger eye in the eastern part of the house. The rest, feng shui and wind will do! You can also place the stone over your solar plexus chakra to give a boost to your digestive system, after having food.

  • Confusion and Low Self Esteem

Suffering from low self-confidence? Discover and recover yourself with tiger eye. Place it over each of your chakra for 30 seconds to align your chakras. Tiger eye will flush in healing energy and you will feel your best self.

How Can You Tell If Tiger Eye Stone Is Real?

  • Observe the tiger eye stone for chatoyance (cat-eye effect).
  • Tiger eye shows glossy luster.
  • You will see yellow and brown bands on a tiger eye.
  • Prick your Tiger eye with a hot pin to see if it melts.
  • Try scratching glass with Tiger eye as the hardness of the tiger eye is 7.

How to wear a tiger eye ring?

The tiger’s eye ring comes in different shapes and styles, and there is an ideal stone for everyone.

To look great and enjoy the benefits of the stone, most women wear it as a ring on the ring finger, on your dominant hand, where it will keep your energy levels closer to your lower chakras for maximum efficiency. You just need to make sure that the stone is within reach.

Tips for wearing tiger eye stone safely and correctly

As mentioned above, the Tiger’s Eye stone is one of the most beneficial and powerful protective stones thanks to its strong association with the sun and also because it boasts a dual connection with the Earth and fire. These two elements have the biggest positive influences on people’s lives and how people react to difficulties and emotions. Then there is the Earth connection of the stone which means that the stone has the power to cleanse negative and excess energies from the wearer.

  • To enjoy these and other benefits of the stone, here are some of the tips that may be of help.
  • For its protective effects, wear it on your right hand, also to avoid or prevent the transfer of negative energies to you.
  • You could also wear it on the left hand for courage, in any form. It would also lower your stress levels on this hand and also relieve any tension that you may be feeling. Wearing the bracelet on the left hand is also ideal if you are looking for business success or career prosperity.
  • Cleanse the stone regularly. We don’t recommend soaking the stone, though. Instead, it is ideal for burying it while meditating and sitting the stones in natural light such as moonlight. Smudging or singing would make cleansing faster.
  • Place the stones over each of your chakras for 30 seconds for alignment of the chakras and to enhance your self-esteem.
  • Don’t sleep with this stone if you find that it disturbs your sleep or destroys your career plans, especially if you are a Capricorn. And as an Aquarius, you shouldn’t wear the tiger stone at all.

How to Clean Tiger Eye?

As tiger eye contains asbestos, it is advised to wash hands after touching it. You must also never touch water on this stone. Clean it once a month with a dry soft cloth.

You can remove the bad energies from the stone by cleaning it with a purification crystal wand made from selenite or clear quartz also. Do it before and after using the crystal.

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