SSXL-018 Diamond Butterfly Necklace

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What is a Diamond butterfly necklace?

Diamond butterfly necklaces are popular pieces of jewelry that are much sought after, not only for the beauty they bring but also for what they symbolize. A diamond circle pendant symbolizes eternity, which means there is no end. A diamond circle pendant can be worn to symbolize eternal love.


How to clean a diamond butterfly necklace?

A simple plan to keep your diamond butterfly jewelry looking beautiful is to soak it in a gentle degreasing solution, such as water with a few drops of mild dish soap, once or twice a week. After you remove the diamond from the cleaning solution, use a soft, clean toothbrush to remove any remaining dirt.


The symbolism of the different colors of the diamond butterfly pendant necklace

  • Blue Diamond Butterfly Pendant Meaning – The Meaning of a Blue Butterfly can be diverse. It is often seen as a sign of life. They symbolize change or rebirth, regardless of their color. Blue butterflies are often considered a symbol of love. Buying and wearing a blue diamond butterfly necklace indicates that you will have a long and faithful relationship.
  • Yellow Gold Diamond Butterfly Pendant Meaning – Yellow gold butterfly, that symbolizes a sunny and bright summer. It also represents joy and creativity. When you wear a yellow gold diamond butterfly necklace, it brings happiness and prosperity. It also means that something fun and exciting is on its way.
  • Pink Butterfly Diamond Pendant Meaning – If you just saw a pink butterfly flying, it has manifested to ease you and tell you that you must not take things so seriously in life. Since butterfly implies transformation and joy and the pink color replicates softness and femininity. Buying and wearing a pink diamond butterfly necklace can enhance one’s personality.

So for this diamond butterfly necklace, it mixes up three colors meaning of butterfly. It creates a certain atmosphere, a scene, a life lightly reborn in the summertime. It is a summertime rendering.


How much is a diamond butterfly necklace?

How much Does a Diamond Butterfly Necklace Cost? The cost of a diamond butterfly necklace can vary a lot, starting from around $500, to as much as $36,000. You can even pay much more for diamonds that are truly one-of-a-kind. But if you are looking for a more accessible one, Churinga is here. With our stainless steel mix up with artificial diamonds and zircon. It will only cost one-tenth of the real diamond one.

How to tell if a diamond necklace is real?

1) Water Test

Use this simple test to ensure a diamond is real.

Find a normal-sized drinking glass and fill it ¾ of the way with water. Carefully drop the loose stone into the glass.

If the gemstone sinks, it’s a real diamond. If it floats underneath or at the surface of the water, you have a fake on your hands.

A real diamond has high density, so the water test shows if your stone matches this level of density.

2) Fog Test

For the fog test, hold the diamond or ring between two fingers and breath on it with a puff of air. A light fog will form on the diamond because of the moisture and heat in your breath.

If the fog dissipates right away, the diamond is real. If it takes several seconds for the fog to disperse, it is likely a fake diamond.

Diamonds effectively conduct heat and therefore disperse heat quickly.

3) Check Setting & Mount

If a diamond is already placed in a ring, look at the type of setting and mount that’s used.

Because of a diamond’s large price tag, a real one will only be set in high-quality jewelry. For example, a real diamond will be set in materials such as white gold, platinum, yellow gold, pave or side-stone setting, and the halo setting rings.

To see if the setting is true as described, look inside the ring’s center for markings. As an example, the notes 10K, 14K, and 18K indicate the type of gold used. The markings PT and Plat refer to platinum. If you see a number such as 585, 770, 900, and 950, those are markings indicate platinum or gold as well.

If you see a “C.Z.” stamp or engraving, the gemstone is cubic zirconia and not a real diamond.

4) Heat the Stone and See if it Shatters

Diamonds are made of incredibly strong material and will be unresponsive to high heat.

To test this, grab a drinking glass and fill it with cold water. Use a set of plyers or fireproof gloves to hold the stone. Heat the stone with a lighter for approximately 40 seconds, then drop the stone directly into the cold water.

If the stone shatters, it is made of weaker components and is not a real diamond. A true diamond will show no reaction.

This method tests the quality and strength of the stone. Because of the quick expansion and contraction of the heart, weak materials like glass or cubic zirconium will crack and break. Think of a glass or Pyrex dish you use for cooking. If you pull the dish out of a hot oven and try to wash it immediately, the shock in temperature change may shatter the dish.

Because diamonds are one of the strongest materials on the planet, they will be resistant to such heat tests. Heat will disperse quickly and the diamond won’t be affected by the change in temperature.

5) UV Light Test

To test a diamond in a different way, place it under a UV light and watch the reaction. Most diamonds will emit a blue-colored glow, but not all of them. Some diamonds do not glow under UV light. For this reason, if the stone does not glow, the results don’t necessarily indicate that it’s a fake diamond.

Because this test is not definitive, it’s best to have a diamond expert or jeweler use their advanced equipment to test the stone.

How do I make my diamond butterfly necklaces?

Making Diamond butterfly necklaces Steps

  1. Cut out three butterflies.
  2. Using brush and paper glue, glue two butterflies together.
  3. Cut three eye pins to 1″ in length. Use paper glue to attach one pin to each wing of a butterfly. The third pin is attached to the body, facing down. Let dry for several minutes.
  4. Apply glue again, as in step 2, and stick the butterflies from step 2 to the butterfly from step 3. Let dry for 10 minutes. Rinse brush clean of glue.
  5. Apply one large jewel just below the head using jewel glue. Use fingers to shape and curve butterfly wings. Shape and curve antenna and glue to each wing using paper glue. Let dry for several minutes.
  6. Using a brush, apply three coats of paper hardener to both the front and back of the butterfly. Set on waxed paper for 15 minutes to dry between each coat. Toothpicks are handy for cleaning excess hardener from butterflies’ wing cutouts.
  7. Cut eye pins to 1″ and 1-1/2″ lengths. Thread one gold bead, one faceted bead, and a second gold bead onto each pin. Attach pins to bottom eye loop on butterfly; use pliers to open and close the loop.
  8. Measure and cut two 12″ lengths of wire. Thread each through one butterfly wing eye pin, one wing at a time. Even out the wire, thread gold crimps bead to both ends and crimp closed with pliers.
  9. Apply jewel glue to wire ends and insert into tube clasps. Repeat on another side.

Where to buy a diamond butterfly necklace?

The Tiffiny and Cartier are good destinations for shop a diamond butterfly necklace, and yet they are rather traditional and expensive. It’s a classic capitalism trap, especially for anyone who has common sense about the notorious Great Diamond Hoax directed by De Beers company, would know it is what a useless piece of shit when it comes to the so-called “precious” diamond. high premium pricing is actually void and shallow for merely fulfill your vanity. So if you are more looking for being yourself and build up some fashion sense to elevate your life quality. Here’s a churinga present! With the high-quality 316L food-grade stainless steel with artificial diamond, you will get every glamour you looking for in a diamond accessory.

Churinga Diamond Butterfly Necklace Details

S925 dream butterfly collarbone chain light luxury niche butterfly sterling silver pendant
S925 dream butterfly collarbone chain light luxury niche butterfly sterling silver pendant

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Jewelry Brand

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Custom Colorful Butterfly Necklace

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Colorful Butterfly

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2.2 – 3.1

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S925 dream butterfly collarbone chain light luxury niche butterfly sterling silver pendant
SSXL-018 Diamond Butterfly Necklace