SSXL-017 Pearl Dream Blue Butterfly Necklace

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What is a blue butterfly necklace?

The blue butterfly necklace is a beautiful jewelry trend. It is not only a beautiful accessory but also a symbol of the change in your life, a circle of life around your neck. Lead to a new life.


The meaning of butterfly necklace

The butterfly pendant implies transformation, spiritual rebirth, potential, happiness, change, promotion, and the ability to experience the miracle of life. There is a legend that the butterfly is regarded as one of the most symbolic totem animals.

Due to the extraordinary metamorphosis process of the butterfly, the butterfly is a powerful animal. When you need support during the transition period, whether it is in work, interpersonal relationships, or self, it is a powerful animal.

Butterflies entice us to maintain faith when we change our lives. This necklace is an ideal gift for anyone who needs to remind them to maintain their faith at an important stage in their lives.

In many cultures, butterflies are related to the soul-initially trapped in the body but later released into a new life. This connection with the soul is in line with the symbolic meaning of change. We are all on a long journey, where we will encounter endless turns, transformations, and events that lead to our change. At the end of our journey, we will inevitably change. Therefore, the butterfly pendant necklace is the perfect gift for a friend’s new life. . Their new beginning.

As you know, the butterfly necklace is also a round object that surrounds your neck, and it is instinctively easy to get hurt.

Most importantly, you can understand why the butterfly necklace represents rebirth. The wheel of life will be the most accurate interpretation of the butterfly necklace.

The symbolic meaning of different colors of butterfly necklaces

  • The meaning of the blue butterfly necklace can be varied. It is usually regarded as a sign of life. Regardless of the color, they symbolize change or rebirth. The blue butterfly is usually considered a symbol of love. Buying and wearing a blue butterfly necklace means that you will have a long and loyal relationship.
  • The meaning of the white butterfly necklace-according to the time and way the white butterfly appeared in your life, you can determine the spiritual meaning and message sent to you. The white butterfly necklace represents purity, spiritual transformation, spiritual communication, good luck, abundance, and peace.

The combination of blue and white is a sign of the pure rebirth of life, not only the rebirth of the body but also the transformation and transformation of the spirit. You can wear it at the end of the baptism, or use it as a fashion item to express your puberty, evolution, and transformation.

What does a butterfly necklace go with?

The Churinga butterfly necklace series goes well with everything. For example, when having lunch with friends, butterfly jewelry can be paired with a sun skirt and a pair of kitten heels, or even jeans and a beautiful top.

Isn’t it weird for men to wear butterfly necklaces? Where can I wholesale butterfly necklaces?

Men’s layered thick collar butterfly necklace, men’s layered slim gold butterfly chain

For any type of jewelry, men need to overcome some obstacles, and the butterfly necklace is considered one of the most difficult items to wear. But get tips from professionals-men who can and do look great wearing butterfly necklaces. Men wearing butterfly necklaces can also add some mysterious charm to men. This is what Churinga is doing, incorporating butterflies into our churinga jewelry designs, and our butterfly jewelry is designed for most men and women. Churinga, guard your charm.

What brand of jewelry does the manufacturer contact and sell?

Purchase factory direct jewelry from Churinga stainless steel jewelry factory/manufacturer in China. More than 5000 designs are in stock! Browse Churinga 316L stainless steel jewelry to learn about the latest designs of earrings/rings/bracelets/necklaces/pendants, all manufactured at attractive wholesale prices and manufactured by Churinga Jewelry. We provide the largest wholesale selection of stainless steel clothing jewelry, stainless steel gilded jewelry wholesale, wedding engagement rings, and more. If you want to engage in the jewelry business, please shop at

What brand of butterfly jewelry is available?

Pandora jewelry is of course a famous brand of butterfly jewelry because the materials used in them are all genuine products, but its characteristics are pendants and bracelets. The butterfly jewelry they sell (especially butterfly necklaces) is of low quality and overpriced. It does not matter whether they use sterling silver, 14k or 18k gold, and cultured pearls to make butterfly necklaces. However, it is still too expensive compared to others. The butterfly image has been a fashionable image throughout the century, especially in recent years, it is no longer regarded as a luxury or something that cannot be afforded. This is why when it comes to butterfly jewelry, stainless steel is becoming a better choice for suppliers or contributors. Customers gradually tend to regard it as a daily fashion item, rather than an overpriced item like Pandora jewelry. It is very popular among Gen Z. It will not have any problems, such as how to clean panda jewelry? Or what jewelry store sells Pandora? and many more.

Blue butterfly necklace detail

Blue butterfly necklace
CHURINGACHWXL-0008 Blue Butterfly Necklace
Pearl Butterfly Necklace
CHURINGACHWXL-0008 Blue Butterfly Necklace

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DHL/TNT/FedEx 3-10 Working Days


Jewelry Brand

Jewelry Name

Pearl Blue Butterfly Necklace

Jewelry Material

Jewelry Design Elements

Blue Butterfly, pearl, rose, flower

Gender of the Jewelry Wearer

Women, Men

Blue Butterfly Necklace Color

Blue, white, silver, stainless steel

Blue Butterfly Necklace Quality

High Quality

Blue Butterfly Necklace Number


Blue Butterfly Necklace Price Range

3.5 – 4.6

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blue butterfly necklace
SSXL-017 Pearl Dream Blue Butterfly Necklace